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43 cheapest 1-bedroom condo units in 2023

43 cheapest 1-bedroom condo units in 2023
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For anyone under 35 and single, it’s not the best situation to be in if you are looking for a home to call your own. You can’t buy an HDB or BTO, and as a single income, it can be difficult to find an affordable private apartment too. Needless to say, your options are limited.

So if you are one of the more fortunate ones that have a good amount of savings for the deposit, here’s a list of the cheapest one-bedroom condos you can find in Singapore in 2023.

Here’s a look at some of the cheapest one-bedders to date, along with a few noteworthy ones:

Cheapest one-bedders by transaction

Project Name Tenure Lowest Transacted For Project Area (SQFT)
TREASURES @ G20 Freehold $530,000 420
THE HILLFORD 60 yrs from 19/02/2013 $538,000 398
AIRSTREAM Freehold $563,000 334
GLASGOW RESIDENCE 999 yrs from 01/01/1886 $570,000 409
KOVAN GRANDEUR 99 yrs from 10/08/2010 $570,000 388
THE NAUTICAL 99 yrs from 29/08/2011 $580,000 441
AVILA GARDENS Freehold $580,000 463
VIENTO Freehold $588,000 431
PALM ISLES 99 yrs from 14/09/2011 $590,000 506
PARC ROSEWOOD 99 yrs from 07/09/2011 $600,000 517
STRATUM 99 yrs from 11/07/2012 $600,000 441
PRESTIGE HEIGHTS Freehold $600,000 377
SUITES@CHANGI Freehold $600,000 409
HEDGES PARK CONDOMINIUM 99 yrs from 28/07/2010 $605,000 484
SUITES 28 Freehold $605,000 431
LA FLEUR Freehold $610,000 409
EIS RESIDENCES Freehold $610,000 388
SUITES @ PAYA LEBAR Freehold $610,000 366
THE INFLORA 99 yrs from 25/05/2012 $615,000 463
HAIG 162 Freehold $615,000 355
THOMSON V ONE 99 yrs from 08/05/2001 $615,000 420
SUITES @ EASTCOAST Freehold $618,000 409
SUNNY LODGE Freehold $618,000 388
PARC OLYMPIA 99 yrs from 25/01/2012 $620,000 495
RIVERBAY 999 yrs from 02/06/1882 $620,000 388
TREASURES@G19 Freehold $620,000 409
HIGH PARK RESIDENCES 99 yrs from 05/11/2014 $620,000 388
CENTRA STUDIOS Freehold $620,000 344
OCEAN FRONT SUITES 946 yrs from 27/11/1937 $620,000 409
SUITES @ SIMS Freehold $622,000 355
CITY LOFT Freehold $625,000 355
EIGHT COURTYARDS 99 yrs from 20/09/2010 $625,000 452
SUITES@BRADDELL Freehold $628,000 420
LA BRISA Freehold $630,000 441
SILVERSCAPE Freehold $632,000 409
SKIES MILTONIA 99 yrs from 20/02/2012 $633,000 527
THE SANTORINI 99 yrs from 16/10/2013 $635,000 463
TREASURES@G6 Freehold $635,000 420
HERITAGE EAST Freehold $638,000 344
REZI 26 Freehold $638,000 431
SPACE @ KOVAN Freehold $640,000 420
MELOSA Freehold $640,000 441
PARK RESIDENCES KOVAN Freehold $642,382 355

Source: URA. Data from October 2022 – March 2023

Some notable projects for one-bedders

1. Treasures @ G19

Location: 33 Lorong 9 Geylang (District 14)

Developer: JK 989 Development Pte. Ltd. 

Lease: Freehold

TOP: 2012

Number of units: 27


You’ll find a number of small projects with this naming convention (e.g., Treasures @ G20, Treasures at G19, and so on) scattered around the Geylang area. These freehold developments are built primarily for tenants, who want a fuss-free location on the city fringe. 

To be blunt, many Treasures projects may be uncomfortably close to Geylang’s vice areas for certain buyers and residents. Families are definitely out, as are those looking at resale gains. Unless the red-light area moves in the future, projects in such vice vicinities will naturally have small prospective buyer pools.

The main attraction here is rental. To focus on Treasures @ G19, for instance, average prices for one-bedders can range between $1,215 to just over $1,300 psf. This is within an 8-minute walk to Aljunied MRT (EWL), and in an area chock full of small convenience stores and eateries – many of which are open till late if not 24/7. The area is also extremely well connected by bus, with about a dozen bus services at the Before Lor 18 stop, right outside Treasures @ G19. 

It also only has 27 one-bedroom units from a tiny 388 sq. ft. to 517 sq. ft. so it is one-dimensional in terms of the unit mix – but it does at least have a small rooftop pool.

Overall, this is a project that may not be pretty (unless you’re attracted to the gritty urban feel) – but it is highly convenient and rentable. If you need accessibility on a budget, or your strategy is to focus on pure rental yield, Treasures may be viable; otherwise, look elsewhere. 

One additional downside we need to highlight: the Geylang Lorongs are notoriously congested. As any motorist can tell you, driving within the alleys of Geylang is a test of patience during peak hours. Residents at Treasures are better off just walking to the MRT. 

2. The Hillford 

Location: 178 Jalan Jurong Kechil (District 21)

Developer: World Class Developments (North) Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 60-years 

TOP: 2016

Number of units: 281


The Hillford is not for resale gain or legacy planning, given its short lease (this condo is on a 60-year lease which started in 2013). 

The Hillford is an oddity among condos, as it was initially built with the elderly in mind. It was a trial run at allowing a developer to build a private retirement housing project, with lower-cost housing (due to the shorter lease), and elder-friendly facilities like medical clinics on the condo grounds. Regulations that cap the number of shoebox units were lifted for The Hillford, thus allowing for the larger number of one-bedders.

Contrary to initial intentions, The Hillford sold out on day one, with many buyers even in their 30s and 40s rushing to buy. Part of the attraction was the location – The Hillford is about 750 metres from Beauty World MRT (DTL), which some consider walkable (it’s roughly a 10 to 12 minutes walk). It was then – and still is – one of the most affordable condos on the market. Recent resale transactions show prices at $1,359 to $1,400+ psf; and given the 60-year lease, we expect prices to dip faster than usual in the long run. 

Nonetheless, for single retirees looking for a private forever-home, or landlords focused on yield rather than resale gains, this is a viable city fringe project. 

3. Skies Miltonia

Location: 3 Miltonia Close (District 27)

Developer: TG Master Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years 

TOP: 2016

Number of units: 420


Skies Miltonia may be of interest if you want a shoebox for own-stay purposes. Notice that it has the largest one-bedder on this particular list, going up to 527 sq. ft. Prices for these one-bedders have also gone for under $1,300 psf (most recently in a February transaction). 

Skies Miltonia is also good for own-stay for another reason: it’s located in one of the quieter parts of Yishun, and in walking distance to HDB flats – that means some HDB amenities such as coffee shops and small mini-marts (of which there’s one in the development itself). 

The condo is unfortunately far from any MRT station, but there is a shuttle bus that goes to Yishun or Khatib MRT (last we checked the bus was free). There is also the possibility of a future MRT station near here (in 2019 LTA conducted a feasibility study to see if a new line is needed).

Currently, though, the location of Skies Miltonia may not be for everyone. Free shuttle service or not, most will demand quicker access to town or an MRT station. The other issue is the proximity of condos like Signature at Yishun and The Criterion, which are ECs may threaten to have even more competitive pricing at the time of resale. 

For lifelong singles or solo retirees, however, this is a somewhat underrated condo for the price. 

4. Oceanfront Suites

Location: 173 Jalan Loyang Besar (District 17)

Developer: Regal Realty Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 946-years 

TOP: 2016

Number of units: 58


While Oceanfront Suites is near the sea, you probably won’t get much of a view, if any at all given its low-rise nature. This is a small project with just 58 units, so there’s a high degree of privacy; and it’s relatively close (about 750 metres) to Downtown East, which has a good amount of retail and eateries. 

The park area facing Pasir Ris Beach is also great for cyclists and those who like long walks, and this is one of the more tranquil stretches in Singapore. There are also some aquatic sports facilities here, so outdoorsy or sporting types will get the most out of it. 

The drawback to Oceanfront Suites is accessibility. The affordable sea view comes with a lack of access to any MRT station (Pasir Ris MRT station is the nearest), and bus services in the area also tend to be a bit limited. This is primarily a condo for those who drive, and it’s likely to be a choice for own-stay use (most tenants will find it too inaccessible). 

You do have the upcoming Pasir Ris 8 development to look forward to, as additional dining and shopping outlets to complement the existing White Sands.

5. Heritage East

Location: 451 East Coast Road (District 15)

Developer: World Class Property (East Coast) Pte. Ltd.

Lease: Freehold 

TOP: 2012

Number of units: 65


This is a small project of just 65 units, which is in keeping with an area known for boutique projects. However, this is a good way to have access to the lifestyle stretch along East Coast Road, with an added bonus: the Marine Terrace MRT station (TEL) is expected to be finished this year. This will be within roughly eight minutes walk of Heritage East, fixing its longstanding accessibility issue. 


The East Coast stretch with i12 Katong, along with family-friendly pubs and eateries, is only about four minutes’ drive from this project (or just take one of the busses right outside the condo). Meanwhile, the stretch of road outside Heritage East is dotted with various artisanal cafes. 

This is an affordable way to get into a high-demand neighbourhood – our only worry would be the sheer number of boutique condos already in the area, which make for tough competition. Also, note the freehold status isn’t very exceptional for this location, which is chock-full of other small freehold projects. 

As for tenants, we’re 50-50 on this: it could go either way. The Katong area nearby is an ex-pat enclave, but there are other projects much closer to i12 or Parkway Parade, or near international schools. Again, competition is a problem for investors. 

This location is nonetheless good for solo retirees on a higher budget, who want to enjoy the diners, wineries, and other aspects of east-side living. 

If you can stretch, the bigger units here do come with a private pool each, which is pretty unique.

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