5 more affordable DBSS flats under $800k in 2021

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The Singapore property market has been rife with conversations about the $1.295 million resale flat in Bishan.

This record-breaker was a Design, Build, and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flat, and it’s the most expensive HDB transaction to date (yes, even more expensive than the HDB terrace house which broke the news, at $1.268 million).

While rising resale prices are always a worry, we have some good news – for those seeking DBSS properties, there are still options way below $800,000. Here’s where to find the cheapest:

A quick note on DBSS flats

DBSS flats are public housing, but built by private developers; but this is not the same as the Executive Condominium (EC) scheme. Unlike ECs, DBSS flats don’t have full suite condo facilities like pools, gyms, etc.

Also, DBSS flats are never privatised like ECs – they remain public housing throughout their lifespan.

The main advantage is better finishing, and some features you can’t get in regular flats – such as three bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, larger balcony spaces, etc.

DBSS flats only had a short run, with all of them built between 2005 and 2011.

Other DBSS options for you to consider

Beyond these five listed today, prices start to creep upward to the $800,000+ range. At that point, buyers may start to wonder if an EC is a better option. Nonetheless, here’s a list of some other DBSS projects, which may be in a lower price range:

  Three-room   Four-room   Five-room  
Projects Min Max Min Max Min Max
Adora Green $390,000 $465,000 $460,000 $630,000 $630,000 $770,000
Belvia $420,000 $525,000 $595,000 $760,000 $700,000 $880,000
Centrale 8 At Tampines $445,000 $550,000 $595,000 $690,000 $785,000 $895,000
City View @ Boon Keng $570,000 $640,000 $815,000 $902,000 $800,000 $1,200,000
Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching $390,000 $485,000 $543,000 $670,000 $630,000 $750,000
Natura Loft $670,000 $918,000 $830,000 $1,250,000
Parc Lumiere $655,000 $680,000 $670,000 $810,000
Park Central @ AMK $660,000 $784,999 $730,000 $960,000
Parkland Residences $435,000 $495,888 $500,000 $680,000 $646,000 $888,888
Pasir Ris One $401,000 $560,000 $600,000 $671,000 $757,000 $858,000
The Peak @ Toa Payoh $575,000 $646,888 $750,000 $903,000 $808,000 $1,160,000
The Premiere @ Tampines $580,000 $610,000 $690,000 $840,000
Trivelis $445,000 $565,000 $650,000 $796,000 $840,000 $1,038,000

Where to find the cheapest DBSS flats

  • Adora Green
  • Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching
  • Parc Lumiere
  • The Premiere @ Tampines
  • Parkland Residences

1. Adora Green

Location: 348B Yishun Ave. 11 (Yishun Town)

Completion: 2013

Median pricing (June 2020 to July 2021):

Three-room Four-room Five-room
$432,000 $582,500 $698,000

Notable details:

Adora Green is one of the more underrated HDB projects. This is probably due to the accessibility issue, which is the main drawback of this development:

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Adora Green has no MRT station within walking distance, and even bus services are limited (only bus 806, 103, 1N and NR1 come to the nearby stops).

That aside, everything works quite well for a family property. The project overlooks the nearby Yishun Park and Yishun Pond, and there’s a lot of green space. Huamin Primary School is practically next door, with Yishun Mall and Yishun Park Hawker Centre being just a 10-minute walk.

For more retail options, Northpoint is nearby, at 790 metres. Residents have pointed out there’s a shortcut across Yishun Pond, which can take you there in about 10 minutes. Junction Nine is yet another option, at about a six-minute drive.

For families that drive or cycle, Adora Green is good value for a DBSS project.

2. Lake Vista @ Yuan Ching

Location: 138C Yuan Ching Road (Jurong West town)

Completion: 2014

Median pricing (June 2020 to July 2021):

Three-room Four-room Five-room
$445,000 $623,500 $709,000

Notable details:

There’s a snarky joke that the problem with Jurong West is that it’s not Jurong East. This town has been significantly overshadowed in Jurong’s transformation, and pales in comparison to the retail powerhouse that is Jurong East.

As such, developments like Lake Vista have flown under the radar. Located close to Jurong Secondary School (about a three-minute walk), this project also has good day-to-day amenities.

There’s a Sheng Siong at the Jurong Superbowl, and an NTUC FairPrice at nearby Yung Kuang – both are around a seven-minute walk.

The Jurong Community clinic, along with a dental clinic, is only three-minutes away on foot. The Taman Jurong Shopping Centre (an HDB mall) is only a three-minute drive.

The main drawback would be the lack of an MRT station nearby (although the area is reasonably well connected by bus).

For those who want to live near the retail hub of Jurong East – which is a 12-minute drive from Lake Vista – this project might be a lower-cost alternative. In itself, however, Lake Vista’s location is a little on the dull side, without much in the way of lifestyle or entertainment.

3. Parc Lumiere

Location: 168A Simei Lane (Tampines town)

Completion: 2011

Median pricing (June 2020 to July 2021):

Three-room Four-room Five-room
N/A $664,500 $736,500

Notable details:

Parc Lumiere has benefitted a lot in recent years, from the development of Changi Business Park (CBP). This DBSS project is only a six-minute drive to CBP; and it’s coming to attention that Changi Airport (along with the Changi Jewel) is about the same distance.

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Another key development is Upper Changi MRT station, which is about 310 metres away – this is a 10-minute walk if you follow the route, but residents have said you can take a shortcut across Meragi Terrace, and it’s closer to seven minutes (we haven’t verified this directly).

Prior to this, the closest MRT was Simei, at around 680 metres, or a 13-minute walk. This provides access to the East-West Line (EWL) instead, although it’s probably more convenient for those who bike.

Nonetheless, Eastpoint Mall is also near here and remains the key retail amenity for most residents.

For the buyer who’s planning to rent out the whole flat after MOP, Parc Lumiere stands out. This project is a four-minute drive to the SIA training centre, and a six-minute drive to SUTD.

Coupled with proximity to the airport, this can be a strong rental option for some aviation workers.

4. The Premiere @ Tampines

Location: 517 Tampines Central 7 (Tampines town)

Completion: 2008

Median pricing (June 2020 to July 2021):

Three-room Four-room Five-room
N/A $595,000 $751,444

Notable details:

Coming from the earlier batch of DBSS flats, The Premiere has a strong location close to Tampines Hub. It’s around 780 metres from the Tampines MRT station, or about 13 minutes on foot. Still a bit too far to walk, but easy enough if you cycle.

This is roughly the same distance to the heart of Tampines, where you’ll find Century Square and Tampines 1 (Giant and Cold Storage can be found here).

The surrounding HDB blocks also provide some immediate convenience, such as 7-11 outlets, or the NTUC FairPrice at the nearby community centre (10 minutes walk).

The main drawback is the density of the area – it’s facing other HDB flats in most directions, and the roads around here get quite packed. Sadly, the views don’t improve much on higher floors.

The Premiere also blends in so well with the HDB flats, you may not think it was special or had DBSS status unless it’s pointed out to you. This could have a psychological impact on why the price hasn’t blown up, despite being well-located in a mature town.

Nonetheless, for those who want the best Tampines has to offer (and don’t want to pay the crazy prices closer to Tampines MRT), this is worth considering.

5. Parkland Residences

Location: 475A Upper Serangoon Crescent (Hougang town)

Completion: 2014

Median pricing (June 2020 to July 2021):

Three-room Four-room Five-room
$470,000 $625,000 $763,000

Notable details:

As the name implies, one of the key features is the scenic view of Punggol Park, which is also just a five-minute walk on foot. This park is a well-known lifestyle spot for joggers and cyclists.

While the views are good, this is a project for those who drive or cycle. There’s no nearby MRT station nearby; and even bus services are few (136, 102, 6N, and 62).

There are also few across-the-road amenities, with the closest retail being The Midtown (five minutes drive), and Hougang Mall (six minutes drive).

What you’re paying for is a peaceful enclave with a good view; one that stands out from the much denser HDB blocks around it.

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