5 ways to save money and optimise fuel spending after the recent petrol duty hike

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With the recent petrol hike announced earlier this week, we are sure many of you are looking for ways to save money on fuel. Fret not, we are sharing with you 5 ways to save on your next fuel purchase.

You see, there are few ways to skimp, and this varies from practising good driving habits to taking care of your car and chasing the many available petrol promotions out there. Without further ado, let's rundown these money-saving tips with you!

1. Cultivate good driving practices

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Driving efficiently and safely are ways that could help you reduce fuel consumption. It is good to check your tyres pressure regularly and ensure that they are all inflated.

Switching off your engine when you're waiting for someone is another way to save cost on fuel. If your car comes with an Auto Start/Stop engine feature, be sure to put it to good use.

Lastly, be sure to keep to the speed limit, which is 60km/h on almost every road in Singapore. When you go hard on the accelerator, you're simply dumping fuel at a faster rate. Hence, the importance of slowing down gradually and anticipating different traffic conditions.

These driving practices will help you save fuel in the long run.

2. Take advantage of credit card discounts

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Petrol credit card discounts are usually straightforward and simple to comprehend. Simply pay with your credit card after every refuel session, and in return, you’ll get discounts.

If you are still paying with cash or Nets, it might be time to get a credit card because you are missing out on big savings!

Various petrol stations provide instant credit card discounts that range from 12 per cent - 16 per cent. Sometimes, there are additional discounts of up to 20 per cent to 24 per cent.

For instance, if you sign up for DBS Esso Credit Card, you'll enjoy 18% fuel savings with an additional 2.4% Smiles savings.

Click here to find out more details on the various credit card discounts.

3. Sign up for loyalty cards and rewards programmes

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Most drivers are brand loyal. Meaning we only patronise one petrol brand for our fuel needs. It could be for fuel quality, discounts or for convenience' sake.

If you are loyal to one brand of petrol, it is high time you take advantage of its loyalty card or rewards programme for members.

Here is a list of membership rewards from the various petrol brands in Singapore:


- Every new Esso app user will enjoy 3 x $3 off $50 all grades and 1 x $5 off $50 supreme+ fuel vouchers.

- Alternatively, you can also register for the Esso Smiles card, and redeem Esso Smiles points to get discounts for your fuel purchase.


- Every new CaltexGo user will enjoy an instant 22% fuel discount on their first transaction (with no min. spend) with any OCBC Card! (Available from now till 28th February 2021)

Caltex loyalty Plus! Programme allows you to earn 3 LinkPoints for every 1 litre of fuel purchased.

Cabbie 21 Member Programme is mainly for taxi and private hire drivers. Below is a list of benefits that you'll enjoy:

  • Enjoy exclusive Cabbie 21 promotions and offers
    Enjoy 20% fuel discount for Grab / General Cabbie 21 Members instantly at any Caltex service stations with your Cabbie 21 Card.
  • Earn LinkPoints
    Accumulate LinkPoints for (Plus! Card members) on your fuel purchase to offset your fuel purchase.


Earn 100 points when you register for a new Shell Escape Card online. Convert these points for fuel redemptions; and enjoy $5 fuel savings with every 150 points, $10 fuel savings with every 300 points and lastly, $40 fuel saving with every 1,100 points.


When you sign up for SPC&U member, you'll be treated to instant petrol discounts, e-coupons, e-vouchers and much more!

4. Keep your eyes peeled on social media for in-store discounts & promotions

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Promotions can be easily found on social media platforms these days (i.e Facebook, Instagram, etc). In fact, you can easily spot some seasonal in-store promotions by the various petrol companies.

Here are some of the latest ones to watch out for!


Esso Singapore is giving away $88,800 of fuel vouchers from Dec 28, 2020 till Feb 28, 2021.

Every $60 spent on Esso Synergy™ fuels qualifies you to win those vouchers. Click on this link to find out more about the terms and conditions.


Caltex is currently having a CNY lucky draw. Simply spend a minimum of $50 on fuel for a chance to win fuel credits, staycation packages and more! More details can be found here.


SPC is having an Oxpicious giveaway promo till Feb 26 for their SPC&U members. You'll have to be one of 50 lucky winners to win $500 SPC Vouchers.


As part of Sinopec's CNY special promotion (part 1), they are doing a TAG & GO campaign where a pair of lucky winners will have their cars pumped up to full tank for free!

The steps to take part can be found here. We are wondering what's installed for part 2?

5. Refer friends to the Motorist app and redeem petrol vouchers

Did you know that you can also save money on your fuel just by referring friends to the Motorist App?

It's simple! On the Dashboard of the Motorist App, you'll find the 'Refer-a-Friend' banner. There will be a referral link that you can share with friends and family.

For every 10 referrals made, you'll be entitled to redeem one $10 Esso Petrol voucher via our Rewards page (one referral = 10 mPoints).

With that said, we are also having a Chinese New Year giveaway at the moment. The user with the most number of referrals by the end of February 2021 will win $888 in cash! Click here to find out more!

Are there any other money-saving tips for fuel purchases? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

This article was first published in Motorist.