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7 huge developments with over 1,000 units you can move into in 2023

7 huge developments with over 1,000 units you can move into in 2023
PHOTO: Stackedhomes

There’s a slew of 1,000+ unit mega-developments that are finally being finished this year; and while most of them are sold out, there’s always a chance that sellers are out there. After all, some of the projects are nearing the end, or have already exited, their three-year SSD period. Whether you’re house hunting now or in the near future, here are some ready-to-move-in mega-developments to watch:

Mega developments that have reached/reaching completion in 2023

1. Avenue South Residence

Project Avenue South Residence
District 03
Address Silat Avenue
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 245,972 sqft
No. of Units 1,074
Developer United Venture Development (Silat) Pte Ltd
TOP 2023

Avenue South Residence recent prices

Bedroom Type Average Transacted Price Average $PSF
2 Bedroom Classic Premium $1,534,500 $1,901
2 Bedroom Premium $1,648,000 $2,323

Data from October 2022 – April 2023

Avenue South Residence is jammed packed with facilities: from its own herb garden to a boulder climb, to mini-golf and eight function rooms, facilities are a major highlight. After all, that is one of the major appeals of a mega development – having a whole bunch of facilities to entertain or to occupy kids on weekends.

They have to be though, because location-wise, Avenue South is not the best for immediate surrounding amenities. There’s no MRT within walking distance at the moment, or any major malls nearby; at most, you have a few HDB-type amenities in the direction of Block 148 Silat Avenue (there’s also an NTUC FairPrice in the area). 

But in terms of its overall location, that’s where Avenue South Residence comes out on top. You are very close to Singapore General Hospital and the CBD (which means good rentability), and getting to areas like Harbourfront/Sentosa and Orchard is relatively quick too.

This makes Avenue South a good project for those who work in those areas, but still value being in their own private enclave. There is likely to be improved accessibility from 2025 when Cantonment and Keppel MRT stations (Circle Line) are up and running – we believe these will be within walking distance if you cut through the HDB blocks. 

This also leads us to point out one small drawback: those who dislike being nestled within an HDB area (e.g., you feel the blocks are encroaching) may find this project too close to the Silat Avenue flats. 

Finally, the most interesting aspect of Avenue South Residence is the conservation of the old low-level blocks that will be named the Heritage blocks. These have quite unique layouts, from two balconies to a more squarish layout that is rather different from most new units out there.

2. Parc Clematis

Project Parc Clematis
District 05
Address Jalan Lempeng
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 633,644 sqft
No. of Units 1,468
Developer Sing Haiyi Gold Pte. Ltd.
TOP 2023

Parc Clematis recent prices

Bedroom Type Average Transacted Price Average $pSF
1 Bedroom $890,333 $1,878
2 Bedroom $1,357,500 $1,869
3 Bedroom $1,913,600 $2,014
4 Bedroom $2,757,500 $1,884
5 Bedroom $3,086,588 $1,804

Data from October 2022 – April 2023

MRT access (to Clementi MRT) has become a topic of debate for Parc Clematis. While some of us feel it’s just a long-ish walk, some others insist it’s further than it looked on paper. It is over 10 minutes on average, so we’ll admit “walkable” is open to debate. 

Nonetheless, proximity to Clementi MRT (EWL) is important, as this also means good access to Clementi Mall (the major mall in the area). We’ve left out the development of NEWest, which has a commercial component, as the uptake of shops is currently very low; but this may change in the future. 

Parc Clematis is also one of the biggest developments in terms of pure plot size, at around 400,000 sq. ft. Coupled with differently-themed blocks that are well spaced out, this project feels more like a whole neighbourhood than a single condo. This is good for residents who expect a pleasurable “long walk” experience without leaving their condo grounds. 

For those seeking more from their condo in terms of facilities, Parc Clematis will have you covered. There are not just 3 50m lap pools and kid’s pools, there is also a giant lagoon that spans 100m by 38m. What’s even better is that it has a sloped entry into the pool, that mimics a beach – which is great for the elderly and young kids.

There’s a huge variety of units here too, from 1 to 5-bedroom units, to terrace and bungalow units as well. If you are looking for landed living within a gated community, this is one of the 44 different developments to look at.

In a wider sense, Parc Clematis also benefits from the same factor as every other Clementi area condo: it offers proximity to educational institutions like NUS, and Parc Clematis itself is just a seven-minute walk to Nan Hua Primary.

3. Riverfront Residences

Project Riverfront Residences
District 19
Address Hougang Avenue 7
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 396,087 sqft
No. of Units 1,472
Developer Rio Casa Venture Pte Ltd (Oxley Holdings Limited/KSH Holdings Limited/SLB Development Ltd/Apricot Capital)
TOP 2023

Riverfront Residences recent prices

Bedroom Type Average Transacted Price Average $PSF
1 Bedroom $742,944 $1,566
1 Bedroom + Study $793,250 $1,536
2 Bedroom $951,107 $1,556
2 Bedroom Premium $1,148,500 $1,563
3 Bedroom $1,406,000 $1,581
3 Bedroom Premium $1,670,714 $1,499
5 Bedroom Premium $2,752,888 $1,639

Data from October 2022 – April 2023

As its name suggests, one of the highlights of this project is the view and access to the Sungei Serangoon River. This river is famous for its sunrise and sunset views, and you can sometimes spot Singapore’s famous wild otter family here. If you cycle, you can get to the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector within around 10 minutes. 

That said, you should note that the current expanse of forest just across the Sungei Serangoon is slated to be an industrial area under the URA Master Plan. There is good news though – as the stretch just across Riverfront Residences will be kept as a park.

Also just across from the condo are some HDB blocks, where you can find some coffee shops, minimarts, etc. There are also a number of childcare centres within the HDB cluster, which should be a convenient walk for the residents at Riverfront Residences. 

Like Parc Clematis, there are quite a variety of units here, with 1,451 regular residential units, 21 strata landed, and 6 shops. Similarly, there’s just one tennis court for the 1,472 units (as you can imagine, this is going to be very in demand), as well as other highlights like a 75m river pool, a 50m lap pool, and a 400m jogging track.

What you shouldn’t expect from this area is a ton of malls, cinemas, or offices. This is an almost entirely residential stretch, and although you do have Hougang Mall and The Midtown nearby (Hougang MRT station is a bit of a further walk), it’s still not the most comprehensive. If you like greenery this project is great, but urbanites should look elsewhere. 

4. Jadescape

Project Jadescape
District 20
Address Shunfu Road
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 397,823 sqft
No. of Units 1,206
Developer Qingjian Realty (Marymount) Pte. Ltd.
TOP 2023

Jadescape recent prices

Bedroom Type Average Transacted Price Average $PSF
1 Bedroom $1,043,333 $1,978
2 Bedroom $1,375,315 $2,130
2 Bedroom Deluxe $1,562,000 $2,044
2 Bedroom Premium $1,617,522 $2,087
3 Bedroom $1,925,714 $2,130
3 Bedroom Deluxe $2,129,000 $2,067
3 Bedroom Premium $2,520,000 $2,188
4 Bedroom $2,620,000 $2,080
4 Bedroom Deluxe $3,000,000 $2,111

Data from October 2022 – April 2023

Another 400,000+ sq. ft. development, Jadescape also stands out for being in a lower-density area. Many of the surrounding residential plots are low-rise landed clusters, which will please those who want to further from the tall condo and HDB blocks. 

Jadescape also sought to differentiate itself with smart home features (at least, at that point in time); these range from facial recognition in lift lobbies to audio and video cameras so you can monitor your home from work. 

Now that a few years have passed since launch, we can say the enthusiasm for these has been… well, so-so. Some prospective buyers have pointed out they install the same kinds of smart home features in almost any condo, and some have even voiced discomfort with facial recognition (for privacy reasons). Nonetheless, if you’re a believer in next-gen homes, you may find all this a bigger plus point.

A more universal highlight, we feel, is the proximity of Marymount MRT station (CCL). This is a mere four minutes from the project, and it makes Jadescape one of the more accessible mega-developments on the list. 

Also note that Marymount is just one stop from Bishan, where you have access to several malls and the NSL. Alternatively, Upper Thomson MRT (TEL) is a long-ish walk of just over 11 minutes; so you could argue residents have access to almost three different lines.

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5. Florence Residences

Project Florence Residences
District 19
Address Hougang Avenue 2
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 389,239 sqft
No. of Units 1,410
Developer Florence Development Pte. Limited (Logan Property)
TOP 2023

Florence Residences recent prices

Bedroom Type Average Transacted Price Average $PSF
1 Bedroom Classic $720,000 $1,486
2 Bedroom + Study $1,340,000 $1,915
2 Bedroom Classic $1,040,000 $1,638
2 Bedroom Deluxe $1,166,667 $1,767
3 Bedroom Classic $1,627,600 $1,696
3 Bedroom Deluxe $1,764,375 $1,745
4 Bedroom Classic $2,115,000 $1,658
Grand Total $1,575,381 $1,719

Data from October 2022 – April 2023

If you check out our review, this one was one of our main picks for a family condo, and that hasn’t changed. The pool is one of the most impressive we’ve seen, but the main selling point was really its price point which was targeted at upgraders, with an average of around $1,500 psf in 2020 (sounds really affordable now, doesn’t it?).

The cluster of HDB blocks nearby offers some amenities to residents, including a number of childcare facilities and eateries. And while Hougang MRT station can be considered a bit far to walk for some (more than 10 minutes), it’s okay if you cycle (probably around six to seven minutes), and it provides access to both the NEL and CEL.

If there is a complaint, it’s probably just that some of the blocks are a bit packed together – we’d expect a mega-development not to do this, as there’s certainly a lot of land space. 

For those who don’t want a view blocked by the nearby HDB flats, note that some blocks in this project face Florence Road instead. While you’ll likely see a premium price tag on these, it does mean your view can face a landed enclave instead. 

6. Treasure at Tampines

Project Treasure at Tampines
District 18
Address Tampines Street 11
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 650,000 sqft
No. of Units 2,203
Developer Sim Lian Group
TOP 2023

Treasure At Tampines recent prices

Bedroom Type Average Transacted Price Average $PSF
1 Bedroom $749,667 $1,620
1 Bedroom + Study $776,000 $1,602
2 Bedroom $967,555 $1,626
2 Bedroom + Study $1,105,000 $1,629
3 Bedroom $1,312,667 $1,531
3 Bedroom Premium $1,622,667 $1,592
4 Bedroom $1,820,000 $1,470
5 Bedroom $2,575,000 $1,496

Data from October 2022 – April 2023

This is the single biggest condo ever built in Singapore to our knowledge, with a jaw-dropping 2,203 units. There’s something to be said for economies of scale, and with that many units pricing also starts to become competitive (and maintenance fees will likely be low, given the number of households to share the cost). 

Case in point: there have been transactions even as recent as April this year, with smaller 592 sq. ft. units still going at under $1 million. That’s almost as affordable as you could get a price tag in the 2023 market. 

So there is no surprise here that prices are the main attraction of Treasure at Tampines. Many agents were pushing it as a condo but at close to EC prices without any restrictions. There clearly was demand, with Treasure at Tampines able to sell all its units at relative ease, despite the same selling period that it was subjected to even compared to a development with just 15 units (for example).

The main issue with Treasure at Tampines is its own size potentially working against it. A common fear among prospective buyers is that, with so many units, there will be intense competition among landlords and at resale; and there are also concerns that in the very long-term, such a huge condo will be tough to en-bloc. 

The proximity of CGH (around a seven-minute drive) has also been noted by some landlords – hospitals tend to employ a lot of foreign workers, and coupled with its newness, Treasure at Tampines does have some rental potential. 

You are also within a 10-minute walk to Simei MRT station on the East-West line, although you could also potentially walk to Tampines West MRT station on the Downtown line which is slightly further away.

7. Normanton Park

Project Normanton Park
District 05
Address Science Park Drive
Tenure 99 years
Site Area 666,727 sqft
No. of Units 1,862
Developer Kingsford Huray Development Pte Ltd
TOP 2023

Normanton Park recent prices

Bedrooms Average of Transacted Price Average $PSF
1 Bedroom $1,118,200 $1,709
2 Bedrooms $1,653,556 $1,918
3 Bedrooms $2,035,104 $1,868
4 Bedrooms $2,414,600 $1,848

Data from April 2022 – July 2022 which is the most recent available transactions

Normanton Park is more accessible than it appears on paper. There’s a bus stop right outside the condo that will take residents to One-North; besides being a media and tech hub (and also having facilities like Cold Storage), this means easy access to One-North MRT on the CCL. 

From One-North MRT, it’s easy to get to other hot spots like Buona Vista (The Star Vista Mall is here), or to Holland V. In fact, at less than a 10-minute drive, Normanton Park can be considered an alternative to far more costly Holland V condos. 

Just like Parc Clematis and Riverfront Residences on this list, Normanton Park offers landed units here too (22 in total).

Normanton Park also has rental potential, with schools like INSEAD being in close proximity; but we do think this is more of a family condo than an investment option. It will also appeal to families with children going to NUS, as it can be as little as a five-minute drive. 

Probably one of the more impressive feats for Normanton Park was that they were able to sell all their units even with a no-sale license handicap. As the project nears completion, it still remains to be seen if the more stringent checks on the quality of work would be enough.

This article was first published in Stackedhomes.

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