8 Singaporeans tell us what are they spending on this 8.8 and National Day

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Living in Singapore, it's almost a given that kiasu-ism runs in our blood – especially when it comes to shopping.

We want to know where the best deals are, what payment methods to use to get the best promotions, what everyone else is buying, when is the best time to buy something, and just not lose out to anyone (or any deals).

And this is why we hit the streets (aka our Instagram Stories, since we're now in Phase 2 Heightened Alert) to ask what people are shopping for this upcoming 8.8 (Aug 8) shopping festival.

No more fomo as we bring to you eight of the most interesting answers, along with the best deals, of course.

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1. 'Kids' stuff!'

Not going to deny, babies' and kids' stuff are expensive.

When you're a parent with a bunch of toddlers, it's vital to make use of every promotion and deal – especially when it comes to enrichment classes or holiday activities.

From your academic to cooking needs, DBS Education Marketplace has got you covered. Get $8 cashback this 8.8 on online learning bookings, on top of the following promotions:

  • 88Tuition: 10 per cent off for POSB/DBS Cardholders + $25 off on all purchases with promo code 'ED25"'
  • Flying Cape: enjoy up to 40 per cent off on selected purchases

Cashback on top of a promo? It's a winner in our books.

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2. 'Good ol' whiskey'

Whiskey, wine, and beer are just a few of the shout-outs from our alcohol-loving readers.

As author Mark Twain once said, "too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough," and we agree.

To snag yourself some good ol' whiskey to survive this pandemic (and all that home-based learning, and working from home), we recommend shopping at KrisShop on DBS Marketplace for some good ol' extra savings!

Get more value when you offset your purchases with DBS Points on top of that extra $8 cashback – brewtiful!

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3. 'Snacks!'

If you enjoy long, romantic walks to the snack cart or the neighbourhood ice cream shop like our reader does, we have the perfect deals picked out for you.

From Plain Vanilla cupcakes via ChopeDeals, to satays via WhyQ, and acai bowls from Absolute Acai via ShopBack GO, you can get any treat you want at a promo price with any DBS/POSB credit or debit card!

Take your pick between getting an additional $6 off with ChopeDeals, 50 per cent off Last Hour Deals on foodpanda, up to $100 bonus cashback on ShopBack GO, and $5 off your first order on WhyQ.

What’s more, enjoy an additional 8 per cent cashback with no minimum spend, capped at $8 per customer! Valid for all online dining spend on Aug 8 and National Day as long as you pay with DBS/POSB cards.

You can even enjoy 50 per cent cashback on a scoop of ice cream at Creamier, Udders, and Lickers (till Aug 31) when you scan to pay with PayLah! Sweeeeet.

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4. 'More baking equipment that will end up at the back of the cupboard'

Circuit bakers, we get you – baking is a stress-reliever.

And while you ponder about getting more baking equipment that will end up at the back of your cupboard, we suggest first switching your utility company to save more money.

More money saved equals more money for more baking equipment, yes?

Get extra $8 cashback and cash rebates of up to $80 when you sign up for an electricity plan from any of DBS' utility partners. Simply select either GIRO or a DBS/POSB credit card as the payment mode. Easy peasy.

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5. 'Insurance!'

FYI, if it's been a while since you got insurance, it may no longer be enough.

If you're shopping around for insurance plans this 8.8, you're in luck. You can get a $60 cash reward* in addition to 30 per cent off your first year's premium when you get eCriticalCare with the code '30ECCMHC'.

For term insurance, go for TermProtect. You can get a $60 cash reward* in addition to a 20 per cent off your first year's premium. Just use the promo code '20TP' to enjoy your rewards.

Looking for protection plans for your entire family? Check out the MultiGen Protect personal accident plan by Chubb – it's perfectly tailored for each of your family members, from the young ones to the seniors. Get $60 worth of vouchers when you apply between August 8 and 9, 2021 – that's the equivalent to a month of free protection for a family of four!

Extra savings? Yes, please!

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6. 'Ergonomic chair for my aching back'

Ah, yes. More people are getting the sense that WFH arrangements are here to stay. Ergonomic chairs, LED desk lamps, and sit/stand desk convertors are still in high demand these days.

If it's something that you need anyway, do make use of the 8.8 sale to get the best deal. You can even offset the cost with your DBS points by shopping for your chairs and desks on KrisShop on DBS Marketplace.

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7. 'Vouchers – specifically ShopBack vouchers'

Vouchers – specifically ShopBack GO vouchers – are our secret to getting the best deals for takeaways during this semi-lockdown period.

Whether you are a new user or an existing one, you get great deals of up to 50 per cent off and sure-win scratch cards of up to $100 bonus cashback! For more information on how to get those deals, click here.

PS, this is one of the best deals we've found thus far: get $80 worth of The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) cash voucher via ShopBack GO at just $64.

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8. 'Validation from my mum'

Getting validation from our Asian parents may be the one thing you can't get at DBS Marketplace, but we have a faint idea how you can get there – by letting them see that your financial goals are taking off.

Here's how, if you are new to investing: look for an effortless and affordable way to invest. DBS' digiPortfolio lets you start from as low as $1,000 with portfolios that offer the perfect pairing of human expertise and robo-technology.

This 8.8, get $18 cashback when you invest a minimum of $1,000 in digiPortfolio. Click here for more details.


With that many deals on DBS Extra Bonus Day, you'll be glad to know that these deals will be valid all through National Day too.

Ready to do some shopping? We know we are.

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