Disney is selling its Sandcrawler office in Singapore for $175m

The building is modeled after the Sandcrawler, the fictional huge mobile fortresses featured in the Star Wars films.
PHOTO: The Straits Times

And it’s not simply any other Sandcrawler. Based on a report by Bloomberg, it appears that the Blackstone Group is interested in purchasing Lucasfilm’s building in Singapore for about US$132 million (S$175 million).

At least now we do know how much a Sandcrawler actually costs to purchase.

The Sandcrawler building is located in the Western part of land-scarce Singapore. The building is nestled among many other similar media companies populating the One-North area.

Nearby companies include Apple, Discovery, Dyson, Shopee, the business park is one of the many initiatives by the government to move companies in the info-communications technology and media, and startup into the same area.

While not as accessible as the Lucasfilm offices in San Francisco, we’ve had the honour of visiting Singapore’s Sandcrawler building when it first opened in 2014.

Since then, most of Disney’s Singapore operations has moved into the building and has become the base of operations in Asia.

PHOTO: Geek Culture

The iconic Yoda statue is within public access but you’d have to do some hunting to locate him.

PHOTO: Geek Culture

If the sale to the Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, is ultimately successful, would they retain the lift design modeled after the interior of the Death Star? It’ll be totally their vibe.

This article was first published in Geek Culture