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February 2021 BTO unit analysis: Bartley GreenRise, ParkEdge @ Bidadari and Alkaff Breeze

February 2021 BTO unit analysis: Bartley GreenRise, ParkEdge @ Bidadari and Alkaff Breeze
PHOTO: Housing Development Board

In the February 2021 BTO launch, there were three BTOs released in prime Bidadari town—Bartley GreenRise, ParkEdge @ Bidadari and Alkaff Breeze. If you have been selected to pick a unit there, here is what you need to know.

Overview of Bartley GreenRise, ParkEdge @ Bidadari and Alkaff Breeze

Alkaff Breeze Bartley GreenRise ParkEdge @ Bidadari
Location Along Upper Aljunied Road Along Bidadari Park Drive, next to Maris Stella High School Along Bartley Walk, site of the former Mount Vernon Columbarium
Total no. of units 353 387 476
Type of units 4- and 5-room flats 3- and 4-room flats 4- and 5-room flats
No. of blocks 3 3 5
Block heights 14 to 16 storeys 11 to 17 storeys 6 to 14 storeys
Highlights Across the road from Alkaff Lake in Bidadari Park. Short walking distance to Woodleigh MRT. Located near the future Woodleigh Mall Very short walking distance to Bartley MRT station Sitting next to Bidadari Park, with some stacks offering park views
Estimated completion date 2Q2024 2Q2025 1Q2025

What’s surrounding the three new Bidadari BTOs.

In terms of location, Bartley GreenRise has the advantage of being closest to the MRT station. It is less than a 5-min walk to Bartley MRT station on the Circle line. The disadvantage to Bartley GreenRise? It’s located next to Bartley Road. This arterial road is a very busy one and traffic noise can be a problem, especially for stacks next to it.

ParkEdge @ Bidadari sits on the site of the former Mount Vernon Columbarium and will be located at the edge of Bidadari Park (hence the name). It is prized for its park views, with some stacks featuring balconies to enjoy the park views with.

ParkEdge is likely to be the quieter estate out of the three, since it is located away from the major arterial roads. While it is located near the future Mount Vernon Funeral Parlour Complex, none of the stacks are facing directly towards it.

Alkaff Breeze is located along Upper Aljunied Road, with the nearest MRT station (Woodleigh MRT station on the North-East line) located approximately 6 to 8 mins away by foot.

Alkaff Breeze will have a high-rise nursing home and polyclinic located next to the development. Amongst the three, it is the smallest development with the earliest completion date.

The main amenities for Bidadari residents will be at The Woodleigh Mall (TOP: Aug 2022), located at the junction of Upper Aljunied Road and Bidadari Drive.

NTUC Finest is said to be the anchor tenant. The mall is also part of an integrated development with Woodleigh MRT station, an underground bus interchange, a community centre as well as private residential development The Woodleigh Residences. It will also be linked to adjacent BTO Woodleigh Village’s hawker centre.

For Alkaff Breeze residents, you will also be able to enjoy the amenities located at BTO Alkaff Lakeview, while for ParkEdge @ Bidadari and Bartley GreenRise, additional amenities (retail, supermarket and eating house) over at BTO Woodleigh Hillside will be accessible to you.

There will be additional amenities at BTO Woodleigh Hillside accessible to you.

Otherwise, both Bartley MRT station and Woodleigh MRT station are just one stop away from Serangoon MRT station, which is integrated with a large shopping mall, Serangoon Nex.

Nearby primary schools include Cedar Primary School and Maris Stella High School, both of which are located within 1km.

Which unit should I go for?

While there isn’t a perfect stack, some stacks are definitely better than others. Our recommendations are based on a number of considerations. Determine what is important to you and check out HDB’s 3D modelling of the BTO before you decide on the unit to pick.

Bartley GreenRise

No afternoon sun

Singapore’s afternoon sun comes from two directions. From March to September, it mainly comes from the northwest direction. From September to March, it comes from the southwest direction. Avoid units that have the main lounging areas at home facing these two directions.

Best units to pick for a cooler flat:

216A: 604, 606, 608, 610, 612, 614
216B: 626

Plenty of privacy

Opt for corner units that are away from the lifts and the rubbish chutes. Less chance of a nosy neighbour poking their head in while walking by!

216A: 604, 616
216B: 628, 638
216C: 646, 648, 656

Other considerations:

  • Proximity to Bartley MRT station: Blocks 216A and 216C
  • Higher floor units located on the stacks facing Maris Stella High will likely have unblocked views. The school buildings are approximately 4 to 5 storeys tall.
  • Stack 656 near the future bus bay and the pedestrian overhead bridge is likely to be rather noisy with little privacy, with people and buses coming and going.
  • If you are at home for most part of the day, avoid stacks facing the school directly.
  • For stacks facing the 2-storey car park, get a unit on the higher floors to avoid pollution and traffic noise.
  • If you have to pick a stack facing the roads, avoid stacks 602, 604, 656 and 658 that are next to Bartley Road. Bartley Road is a very busy road and traffic noise pollution is high.

ParkEdge @ Bidadari

No afternoon sun

As mentioned earlier, you will want to avoid northwest and southwest facing units. Stacks facing the park are likely to have the main brunt of the afternoon sun, since there are no tall buildings or structures in front to serve as shade from the sun.

For a cooling flat, these are the best stacks to pick:

226A: 101, 103, 105, 111
226B: 113, 115, 117, 119, 127
227A: 129, 133, 135, 137, 147
227B: 149, 153, 155, 157
227C: 175, 177, 179, 181

Park views and balcony

Some stacks overlook Bidadari Park. These stacks have an extra balcony so you can take in the verdant views.

227A: 139*, 141*
227B: 159, 161, 163, 165, 167
227C: 169, 171, 173, 183

*These stacks come with a balcony, but the view of the park is partially blocked.


Corner units are your best bet for privacy, since the likelihood of your neighbours walking by and looking in is slim.

226A: 101, 105, 107
226B: 113, 119, 121
227A: 137, 139, 147
227B: 149, 159
227C: 173

Peace and quiet


  • Away from traffic noise. We think the future Sang Nila Utama Road will be rather noisy, seeing as it leads into the future Mount Vernon Funeral Parlour Complex as well as a Chinese temple.
  • Away from high human activity zones (car park, childcare centre, pavilion, fitness corners, playground and drop-off points).
  • Not facing Maris Stella High (can be noisy during school hours).
  • Not facing Bidadari Park. Potential to be noisy with various activities held there and people coming in and out. See HDB’s sneak preview of the Bidadari Park map here. According to the map, some stacks will likely be facing a community lawn in Bidadari Park.

226A: 109
226B: 115, 117, 119, 123
227A: 133, 135, 137
227C: 179

Alkaff Breeze

No afternoon sun

Avoid northwest and southwest facing units. These two directions have the hot afternoon sun coming in, depending on the time of the year. Choose these stacks instead:

119A: 115, 117

Both these stacks are east facing however, which mean you will get the morning sun.


Pick corner stacks for privacy as well as stacks that are away from the lifts and the rubbish chutes. These have less likelihood of your neighbours walking by and looking in.

119A: 101, 115
119B: 127, 129
119C: 133, 145

Other considerations:

  • Higher floor units located on the stacks facing the schools (Cedar Girls’ Secondary and Cedar Primary) will likely have unblocked views. The school buildings are approximately 4 to 5 storeys high.
  • However, if you are at home for most part of the day, avoid those stacks facing the schools. They can be noisy during school hours.
  • If you have to choose a road-facing stack, we recommend picking stacks facing Alkaff Crescent. The minor road is likely to be quieter than Upper Aljunied Road. We found the latter to be a moderately busy road during our site visit. In addition, Upper Aljunied Road has several buses passing through in regular intervals.
  • Stacks facing the future nursing home and polyclinic will also see high levels of activity.
  • In terms of public transportation accessibility, Block 119C is the nearest to the MRT station and the bus stop.
  • Lift per unit ratio is high for Block 119B, seeing as there are only four units on each floor and there are two lifts.

This article was first published in Renonation.

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