Here's what it's like to live in Skypark Residences at Sembawang

Here's what it's like to live in Skypark Residences at Sembawang
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Situated in the northern region of Singapore, Skypark Residences takes pride in its approximately 1,250 square metres rooftop park – where this Executive Condominium actually got its name. Having TOP-ed in 2016, this EC has a total of 506 units, a mix of 3-bedders to the more unique 5-bedroom maisonettes.

The iconic SkyPark is located at the top of the middle block, set at 15 storeys high. This is undeniably the star attraction of the development, with a 200-metre jogging track, lounge areas, and multiple pavilions. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the famous Marina Bay Sands (not the look), with the top of the building more efficiently used for facilities instead.

And of course, Skypark Residences also has full condo facilities such as a 50-metre lap pool (and a couple of other pools), BBQ pit, tennis court, and gym. It’s a myriad of family-friendly facilities that have positioned Skypark Residences as one for those with children.

It’s exactly why many families have chosen to make Skypark Residences their home, and one of the main reasons why Bryan (*not his real name for privacy reasons) and his family choose this estate over other options. More importantly, you’ll also understand what it feels like to live at Skypark Residences, including some downsides from their experiences so far.

“We just shifted in about two months ago, but the sales transaction took place back in Aug 2021,” he said.

They upgraded from an HDB previously and are a small family of three. Some of the considerations they prioritised when looking for their next home were:

  • Unit: Bryan wanted a 3-bedroom condo unit to accommodate his family.
  • Project size: He preferred a small to mid-sized development, as he wanted to live somewhere less crowded. And the age of the project was a concern too, with a preference for something that was relatively new.
  • Location: His ideal location was somewhere in the north or northwestern region of Singapore.
  • Future: An important factor for those who want to stay at a place long-term is the area’s growth and future development. 
  • Budget: The condo should fall between the budget range of $1 million to $1.3 million.

Let’s go through more on why Bryan decided to choose Skypark Residences and the experiences living there so far.

What made Skypark Residences stand out from other choices

Like most other homebuyers, you’d naturally want to take a comprehensive sweep of what is available in the market before making a concrete decision. As such, the family was also considering other condos in the area before they chose Skypark Residences.

“We did consider other condos in the nearby area like Yishun and Woodlands.” However, he said they did not come across a unit they liked compared to the one at Skypark Residences.

Several things attracted them to the estate in the first place, the first of which was convenience. (Which unsurprisingly is one of the priorities of most Singaporean families).

While Sembawang may have a more laid-back environment, Skypark Residences’ proximity to the MRT station is still a big plus. “It is about a short walk, 8 minutes, I suppose, to Sembawang MRT and Sun Plaza shopping centre,” he said. “I think it’s one of the nearest condos to the MRT in Sembawang and within walking distance.”

(For those looking in the area, Parc Life, The Visionaire, The Brownstone, Canberra Residences, and The Nautical are some of the nearby neighbours).

Bryan was also attracted to the nearby upcoming development recreational project – Bukit Canberra.

“This is a large integrated health and recreation project with sports facilities, gardens, and hawker centres. They are all located in a central hub near Sembawang MRT station.”

He added that this new project is also within walking distance from Skypark Residences. It’s definitely a huge upgrade to the area, with a 800-seat hawker centre (44 stalls), indoor sports hall (12 badminton courts), polyclinic, five swimming pools, and the biggest ActiveSG gym in Singapore.

And so while the location is undeniably a big draw for them, the actual unit had to fit the bill too, as that is where most of their time would be spent. For them, the attraction was its large balcony that offers them an amazing view, and the squarish layout which makes the space very functional.

“The unit where we’re staying is a 1,152-square-foot 3-bedroom. It’s a penthouse with a high ceiling facing southeast with a decent unblocked view.”

What a typical day looks like at Skypark Residences

Looking through the eyes of those living in Skypark Residences and how they spend their day can give an experiential outlook of what you should expect. While it may not be exactly the same if you decide to stay there, at least from the eyes of a resident, you can get a better idea of what it’s like.

Bryan shared that on the weekends, they sometimes take short walks at the nearby Sembawang Park, where they enjoy large greenery fields and stroll at the beach. They also will go on the occasional morning walk to explore the nearby historical British black and white bungalow house.

“There are also some old two-story shop houses with cafés and eatery, like the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon, which makes us feel like we’ve travelled back in time to the 80s.”

And then there’s Sembawang Hot Spring Park, the only one in Singapore, “where you can dip your leg and cook some half-boiled eggs.”

With Skypark Residences located between the two developed townships of Woodland and Yishun, he said there’s always an option to shop or catch a movie.

The two big shopping centres – Causeway Point and Northpoint City Shopping – are only one MRT stop away from Sembawang MRT station. Northpoint City, for one, is a great example of how heartland malls that have a good curation of units can draw significant traffic away from Orchard Road.

“Weekend is definitely boring,” he added.

A look behind Skypark Condominium’s facade

One of the gripes Bryan had to contend with is the misconception that Sembawang is in the “ulu” part of Singapore. And since Skypark Residences is located in this area, it naturally will inherit that perception as well. While the location is definitely not for everything, even though Sembawang is far up north, it doesn’t actually mean it’s remote or deserted.

Another drawback he faces is the noise generated by the construction and the sound of helicopters since it is near the military helicopter air base.

One of the other important things to consider is how well any development’s maintenance is before investing in it. As such, Bryan shared with us what improvements Skypark Residences needs to undertake today.

“The condo is already due its yearly maintenance since some of the areas and walls have their paints peeling off,” he specified.

Security can also be a double-edged sword. While admission to any floor requires an access card or needs an owner to provide access explicitly, he said it’s not entirely beneficial. “I don’t find this convenient, especially if you are not at home and the delivery man comes knocking at your door to deliver your parcel.”

Considerations potential buyers should know

Bryan also shared some interesting details or considerations potential buyers should know about Skypark Residences.

He attests that Sembawang is slowly waking up from its sleepy state, with further infrastructure starting to take place. One of the examples he gave is the construction of the North-South Expressway, which will make the connectivity from North to South more convenient.

“Once it’s completed, there will be an entrance near Skypark Residences,” he said. Then there’s the Woodland Health Campus at Woodland Ave 12, which will be fully operational soon. He said this would bring huge health care services to the north region.

“I think this part of Singapore still has its old charms, and I can see why people are starting to move here.”

Staying at Skypark Residences

All properties have their highs and lows, and Bryan sees a lot of advantages with their stay at Skypark Residences.

“One of my favourites about staying here has to be the pools. They have two very large swimming pools with a children’s pool facility.” It’s the family’s favoured facility, without a shadow of a doubt.

“Another unique point is the rooftop garden with its breathtaking view.” He also loves the landscape and other full condo facilities that the estate has.

Bryan said they’re planning to stay for up to five years. “Hope by then, all the work-in-progress projects and infrastructure are completed, and Skypark Residences reaches its full privatisation status.”

This article was first published in Stackedhomes.

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