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Sky Eden @ Bedok condo review: Convenient living in a mature estate

Sky Eden @ Bedok condo review: Convenient living in a mature estate
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Our verdict

78 per cent

Overall rating

Formerly a shopping mall known as Bedok Point, Sky Eden @ Bedok is the only new launch development in the neighbourhood over the past decade.

Despite having a site area of less than 17,000 sqm, Sky Eden @ Bedok offers good amenities within a stone-throw from the development, including a shopping mall, MRT station, bus interchange and hawker centre.

Our considerations

Unit efficiency 3.5/5

Quite standard layouts

Unit size 3.5/5

Average unit sizes in general

Quality of fittings 3.5/5

Average fittings and brands used for the price point

Design 4/5

Sky gardens help add a bit of distinction

Variety of facilities 3.5/5

Not a bad variety of facilities for such a small development

Quality of facilities 4/5

Thoughtful additions

Surrounding amenities 4.5/5

Commercial units at your doorstep, Hawker Centre and Bedok Mall nearby

Developer 4.5/5

Frasers is a well-known developer in Singapore

Transport links 4.5/5

Very close to MRT and bus interchange

Driving accessibility 4/5

Central location in Bedok

Price point 3.5/5

High in the area but there’s not much supply either

Project: Sky Eden@Bedok
District: 16
Address: 1 Bedok Central
Tenure: 99 yrs from 5 January 2022
No. of Units: 158 + 12 commercial units
Site Area: 44,526 sqft
Developer: Frasers Property Limited
TOP: 2027

Having grown up in the Marine Parade neighbourhood, Bedok Point has played a huge part during my schooling days. It was one of the places I visited regularly for tuition classes and it was a convenient spot to have lunch after school.

Imagine my surprise when it was earmarked to be transformed into a residential cum commercial building – though I fully agreed with the decision since the mall had always felt under-utilized (to me, at least). 

For those who are familiar with the Bedok neighbourhood, you’ll probably agree with me that the area has experienced drastic changes over the past decade. Bedok Mall was all the hype when it was first introduced with the renewed air-conditioned bus interchange, then closely followed by Bedok Residences completion and then Heartbeat @ Bedok. 

Since the early 2010s, the three core parts were slowly injected into the neighbourhood one after another. Now, the neighbourhood is more vibrant than ever, with excellent amenities and transportation connectivity.  

At the time of Bedok Residences launch in 2011, more than 50 per cent of the units were sold on its first day. Mixed-use developments were still considered a novelty during that time and Singaporeans were keen on the idea. At that time, the average selling price was recorded to be around $1,350 psf.  

More than a decade later, the only new development to be introduced to the area is none other than Sky Eden@Bedok. Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but it has surpassed those previous numbers.

75 per cent of sales on launch day and an average selling price of around $2,100 psf. Although it must be said Sky Eden@Bedok is a much smaller project as compared to Bedok Residences, these numbers do indicate the demand of the area. 

And so if you are considering a unit at Sky Eden@Bedok, let’s take a look through our insider tour first.

Sky Eden@Bedok insider tour

For a development on a smaller scale (just 158 residential units), I was not expecting to see the developers allocate such ample space for the show flat. The bright and light colour scheme used is very representative of the theme of Sky Eden@Bedok. 

Once you step in, you’ll be welcomed with the drapes of hanging greens and plant walls – all representative of the main feature of the project, the Sky Garden. 

To give you a brief introduction to the development, Sky Eden@Bedok has two 17-storey residential towers, namely the North and South Tower that are connected via a sky garden on every level. Additionally, it has a facilities section and a commercial section, which both are facing New Upper Changi Road and the MRT tracks. 

I thought that the tagline ‘a sky garden on every level’ is rather fitting since there is a literal Sky Garden catered for each level (although that has to be taken with a pinch of salt on the lower levels). The architects actually drew inspiration from the organic nature of Polypores that grows horizontally – a design concept that’s rather intriguing, no doubt. 

Overall, the facade of the development is a mix of monochrome whites and greys with a squarish external facade. It’s nothing remarkable, but the trend of biophilic design is something good to see here, as that is likely going to be one that carries forward in the future. Especially in Singapore where places will get increasingly built up, having ties back to nature is always important.

Let’s first take a look at the site plan for the 1st storey, which mainly consists of the drop-off point, 12 of the commercial units, and the management office. 

There are also a total of 134 parking lots (2 EV lots) and 4 handicapped lots, which is just a bit shy of the 158 residential units here. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how many car park lots there are given the central location, and how close it is to the MRT station. I do suppose that it does indicate the bigger focus on family living here.

The egress and ingress do look fairly simple – you can see Sky Eden@Bedok’s logo as you drive into the sheltered compound. Again, it’s simply designed, nothing fancy or over-the-top here.

There’s only one small drop-off point to accommodate all 158 units though, but given the strength of the convenient location, this may not be as important anyway.

For residents who drive, the car park lots are located on Basement 1 and Basement 2. I always prefer an underground car park as opposed to a multi-storey one so happy to see that here. You may find that developments next to an above-ground MRT like to build a multi-storey car park instead (so the residential units can be placed on higher ground), but there’s no need for that here given the commercial units on the first floor.

12 commercial units aren’t a lot, but I suppose that isn’t a concern given Bedok Mall is just next door. From what I’ve heard, it is still up in the air whether these will be managed by Frasers Property or by individual landlords. I’m definitely hoping for the former given Frasers Property’s track record in the mall’s department. And let’s face it, strata-owned malls suck.

In this picture, we’re looking at the 6 commercial units that are overlooking New Upper Changi Road and the train tracks. The other 6 units are facing along Bedok Central. 

I do think the wooden slats contrasted with the green will give the commercial area a nice organic feel.

Most of the facilities can be found on the 2nd floor, and the area is mainly segmented into 5 key parts – the quiet zone, passive zone, active zone, South Residential Tower, and North Residential Tower. 

The placement of the areas makes a lot of sense, considering that the Active zone is facing the noisy New Upper Changi Road and MRT tracks, which help to serve as a natural barrier from the outside noise. The facilities that are more in need of a quieter environment are smartly pushed to the back.

There will be definitely some buyers that may still be concerned about the noise. For one, the residential blocks are already positioned 50-70 metres from the MRT track (there already are acoustic boards installed along the track). Plus, the developers also engaged acoustic consultants to ensure the units facing the MRT track have compiled with NEA’s noise limit of 57 dBA inside the bedrooms.

The Active Zone is made up of 11 key facilities, namely the:

  • Kids’ Play Zone 
  • Social Pavilion (which consists of the BBQ grill, alfresco dining, and outdoor lounge) 
  • Social Clubhouse (consisting of a kitchenette, indoor dining, and private lounge) 
  • Gym 
  • Steam Room 
  • Yoga Deck 
  • Social Deck
  • Kids’ Pool 
  • Spa Pool 
  • Sun Deck and 
  • Infinity Lap Pool 

I’ll talk about the pools in a bit, but here’s what an overview of the main facility deck looks like.

The privacy at the pool area is upheld by the greenery hedges that are lined around the periphery of the active zone so that those on the MRT won’t be able to look right in. It serves as a natural softener to the noise and Singapore’s scorching heat too. 

Although it would’ve been great to have a 50m full-length pool, that’s rare to find in a development with just 158 units. And so even at 30m, this will be sufficient to cater to the small number of units that Sky Eden@Bedok has. The pool has a simple rectangular design, with a sun deck lined with a string of sunbathing chairs beside it.

For residents who prefer a dip in the pool rather than a swim, there is a spa pool located at the corner of the infinity pool that’s up for use as well. 

Of course, there’s also a small corner near the infinity pool allocated just for the kids’ pool. Parents can wait for their kiddos at the tables and chairs provided and keep an eye out for their little ones as well. 

There’s nothing really special here other than the fact that it’s a shallow area, although you are in close proximity to the playground anyway.

Also to maximise the privacy of the users using the Social Pavilion, Social Clubhouse, Social Deck, gym, steam room, and Yoga Deck, these spaces are sheltered and covered, so that nosy residents on the higher floors won’t be able to peak in to see what their neighbours are up to. 

I do like that the developers haven’t ignored the rooftops of these facilities, as these have been covered green to complement the theme of an Eden. From the top view, it would look like a sea of blues and greens – which seems pretty nice. 

Dining facilities here are the main highlights here, and these will inherently come in useful to the smaller units for a bigger space to entertain friends and family.

Last but not least is the gym, and yoga deck. I can’t say the yoga deck is in the most conducive of spaces, it’s neither very private nor would it be the quietest either. I reckon most people would rather just use their living or balcony anyway, so this definitely wouldn’t be an issue.

In line with Sky Eden@Bedok’s theme of enhancing biodiversity, a corner of the development has been allocated to several other pockets of green spaces. Given that it isn’t a big development, it is quite impressive to see the commitment towards green living here.

Besides the function lawn, you do have a garden trail, cabana, and portal as different spaces to use. While I can’t say these would be very well-utilised, these green open spaces look pretty as well as to improve air quality, and reduce urban heat. 

I was also surprised at the thought process that went behind the installation of the lily pond. Instead of a water feature that would require constant maintenance and chemicals, they opted for a more natural pond that instead gave the space an opportunity to cultivate its own natural ecosystem. 

The fern garden and community farm garden also serve as organic spaces for residents to interact and practice honing their green thumbs, all while proudly growing their own produce.

And of course, to tackle the changing lifestyle demands post-pandemic, co-working spaces in the form of a co-working sanctuary and co-work patio are ready for the residents’ use. It’s an outdoor-concept working space that overlooks the lily pond and is nicely sheltered from the weather. These are all placed at the back of the development, so you should expect a quieter work environment here.

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However, residents who prefer more privacy when cranking up on work can also choose to use the work pods that are air-conditioned with Wi-Fi which makes WFH all the more conducive and convenient.

Although I do have to agree that the variety of amenities is not the most extensive, I thought the developers really maximised the usage of the land, seeing that there is a commercial, facilities, and residential aspect to the project. I do appreciate how green and welcoming Sky Eden@Bedok looks, especially from above. 

Saving the most unique feature for last, is the core design highlight of Sky Eden@Bedok – the sky gardens that serve as a link bridge between the North and South residential towers. These connectors are draped beautifully with green and are available on every level of the development. 

Inspired by the layering effect of polypore fungi, each level of the sky garden cascades down to the next level, making it ideal to promote airflow and improve natural air ventilation. It’s of no surprise that the tagline for Sky Eden@Bedok is ‘a sky garden on every level’. 

Taking a closer look at the design of the sky garden, the corridor resembles a zig-zag pattern that serves as an urban solution to optimise wind flow and air ventilation to reduce the need for cooling. By adding pocket gardens along the pathway, it’ll form an organic garden path – a solution that land-scarce Singapore will definitely appreciate in the long run.

Now, this remains to be seen of course, but the hope is that residents will use these communal green spaces as a brief respite from the indoors. Because unless you have a unit on each side of the North and South Towers, there’s actually no need to use these as bridges. So if you think of them as an extended balcony area, it starts to make more sense.

To mimic the sky garden, the show flat has been draped with hanging planters, vines, and a plant wall.

Sky Eden@Bedok – 3 Bedroom Premium Type C2-PH (121 sqm/1,302 sq ft) review  

The 3 Bedroom premium units range from 1,087 – 1,302 sq ft, and the show flat showcases the penthouse unit that is sized at 1,302 sq ft (because of the higher ceiling in the living/dining area).

One surprising thing about Sky Eden@Bedok is that the 3-bedders make up a bulk of the unit mix at 50per cent, which gives a clear indication of the target audience that the developers are looking at. As per the rest of the units, the communal areas are clad in porcelain tiles and vinyl flooring for the bedrooms.

We start the tour with the entrance, which is rather similar to the 2 bedroom unit. You’ll be welcomed with a longer entryway here, with some space at the side to build additional storage if you so needed.

Another thing was that the developers made full use of all the wall space on the right for more storage and display. This is all ID treatment of course, but it’s quite clever to combine the storage space with some mirror panels to let the space feel bigger.

The kitchen can also be sighted immediately upon entering the unit, and it is located on the left side of the apartment. Unlike the 2 bedroom unit, however, this kitchen is much more spacious and deep. 

Similarly, there is a stainless steel kitchen sink with a glass vision panel that overlooks the living area. Electrical sockets are available at the side to conveniently power any kitchen appliances – something that will come in handy for those using water filters or even a coffee machine. I do wish that the sink here was a double sink instead though.

The overhead storage space comes in the form of a chic white colour with an internal melamine finish, and the bottom cabinets in a dark wood finish. Do note that the LED lights do not come with the kitchen, so be sure to find your own lighting providers before moving in. 

Since there is a window at the back of the kitchen, gas hobs are installed to facilitate heavier cooking, which is more common with the bigger units anyway. There are 3 different stoves for the 3 bedroom unit, a much-appreciated addition compared to the 2 stove induction hob in the smaller units.

Similarly, the free-standing fridge, 900mm hood, gas stove, and built-in oven are all by the same brand Bosch. 

For those who regularly do heavy cooking, the sliding door installed can keep all the smells and oil in the kitchen to ensure the rest of the living space is kept clean. 

The yard space at the end of the kitchen is pretty generic, with a basic WC and space for the washer and dryer. I’m also happy to see that there is a ventilation window here as well.

Here’s the winning shot of the space, which captures the living and dining area with the full glory of the high ceilings. This goes to 4.8m in height, and although, yes, you have to pay for the air space here, it may be worth it for some as the space just feels so much more open.

You could opt to build a loft space here too (although there are limitations to how much you can build), so it isn’t just for show if you decide for more practicality instead.

The dining area is undoubtedly helped by the high ceilings too, as it helps to make the place look so much more open. For the regular units though, you can fit a 6-seater dining table comfortably enough.

The simple yet classy nature of the design here does help to communicate the sleekness of the space too.

To further accentuate the size of the space, there are further mirrored panels installed here. I would probably opt for this too in the regular units, as it really does help make the space feel larger.

The living area is decently sized too. If you keep your coffee table and TV console minimally sized, you do have quite a lot of space – as you can see above.

As such, walkway space to the balcony is definitely doable even with the usual furniture thrown in. For those fortunate enough to consider this high-floor unit, do note that the windows above are included too – which really helps to bring in a ton more light into the space.

And finally, the balcony space to round up the communal areas. It’s not a bad size, and while you can’t quite have a huge secondary dining space here, it’s definitely big enough for a seating area to have breakfast or a cup of coffee in the mornings.  

Next up, is the common bedroom, which is the first door to your left of the rather short hallway.

Like the 2 bedroom unit bathrooms, the mix of stone, greys, and neutrals gives the space a more relaxing and clean outlook. There’s a wall-hung WC and a concealed cistern flush to complete the look. The mirrors serve as a cabinet space for all sundries, and so is the bottom drawer space. There’s no ventilation window here, and neither is there a rain shower. As usual, these additions are usually only present in the master bathroom.

Right opposite the common bathroom is the first common bedroom. It has floor-to-ceiling windows, and the room is a typical size that you’d probably be used to by now if you’ve been viewing a couple of new launches.

What’s interesting here is that the bottom panels have a thicker laminated glass (two layers of glass with a laminated film in between) which does go some way to help cut down traffic/MRT noise.

Storage comes in the form of the typical sliding 2-panel wardrobe. There’s no differentiating between the smaller and larger unit types here, and this one comes with the same laminate finish on the outside, and melamine finish on the inside.

Now the layout here is quite unique as the corridor forms a T junction at the end with the bedrooms on the opposite end of each other. This is the next common bedroom, and given it doesn’t have an attached bathroom, you’d have to share the common bathroom that you’ve seen earlier.

You do have floor-to-ceiling windows here too, and this example shows you how the common bedroom is able to fit in a queen-sized bed. As you can see, you can fit in a bedside table, and there’s adequate walkway space between the wardrobe and the bed.

The built-in wardrobe is the same as the previous common bedroom, with the same interior lighting provided as well.\

Last but not least, let’s take a look at the master bedroom, which is afforded a little more privacy due to the walkway to the ensuite bathroom at the entrance.

You can, of course, fit in a king-sized bed here. There is enough room at the foot of the bed too, to incorporate a small vanity area.

The wardrobe space here is a little bigger (as you might expect for the master bedroom), and as you can see from here, the built-in drawer space and lighting are included as part of the fixtures. Unlike some other new launches you might have seen, there’s no special material used for the wardrobe panels to differentiate the master bedroom from the rest.

You do have an accessory panel located at the side of the built-in cabinet as well, which has smaller shelves and hooks that are perfect to store any mini bags or accessories. It’s pretty much a pre-requisite today, and it’s more often a surprise not to find it included in the master bedroom of new launches today.

One possible way to make use of the space is by installing built-in shelves on the walls, as well as a vanity table for convenient daily use. But all in all, there’s nothing too remarkable about the master bedroom here. It’s a decent enough size, but doesn’t really come with any extra bells and whistles that set it apart.

Moving on to the ensuite bathroom, the design is pretty much similar to the common bathroom, apart from a few differences. 

The colour palette is also of a neutral shade that is very pleasant to come home to and there’s ample shelving for sundries behind the mirrors and under the sink. There’s not that much countertop space as compared to the common bathroom and there’s only one sink (no his and hers sink here). 

Similarly, there is a wall-hung WC installed with a concealed cistern flush. The only difference is there is a window in this toilet – which is great for natural ventilation! There is also an overhead shower installed on top of the regular shower set for a soothing rainfall bath. 

Sky Eden@Bedok – 2 Bedroom Premium Type B2 (64 sqm/689 sq ft) review

In case you’ve forgotten, there are only 2, 3, and 4 bedroom unit types on offer at Sky Eden@Bedok. However, at the show flat, there are only 2 different unit types that you can take a look at, namely the 2 Bedroom Premium unit (there are 48 of such units) and the 3 Bedroom Premium units (there are 46 of such units). 

Let’s start with the smaller unit. It offers an average size of 689 square feet, with a regular layout. My first impression is that the space does seem bigger than I expected it to be on paper, perhaps due to the very neutral colours used throughout the space.

Coming in through the main door, you do have some space for a small shoe cabinet on your right. The mirrors certainly made the whole space feel bigger than it actually was, and there was also enough space to accommodate a simple seat to wear shoes more conveniently. 

There is an in-built linen closet on the right as well, which serves as a vertical storage space for devices like your washing machine and other cleaning supplies. It has vents for better ventilation too, but this strangely is only available for certain units.

The first section that you’ll be immediately greeted by (on your left) is the kitchen. It can be enclosed and tucked away from the living area, but do note that you don’t have a proper ventilation window which can come in handy to disperse any smells that will inevitably come from cooking.

Because of the u-shaped kitchen, the amount of counter space was decent too – I’d assume that most will be able to prepare their food very comfortably and still have adequate space to move about. There’s also a generous amount of storage space, on the overhead shelves and bottom drawers to keep any appliance and cooking-related items away from sight. 

These cabinets have an internal melamine finish and external laminate. I do like the backsplash design and the countertop is of large format porcelain tiles to give an overall elegant touch to the space. Not to mention, these materials are generally easy to maintain due to their durability. 

All the kitchen provisions, such as the hood, built-in oven, two-stove induction hob, and fridge are all from Bosch, which is quite typical at this price point.

As with most smaller units today, the developers opted to go with the induction hobs instead of a gas hob. However, I would appreciate it if there were more than 2 available hobs so as to cook more than 2 things at one go. 

Another detail that helps is the right-angled glass that allows you to look out of the kitchen while cleaning or prepping food. If you have kids, this helps you keep an eye out, while also letting more light into the kitchen.

Looking out into the living space while doing dishes doesn’t seem too bad. 

As per usual today, bench seating is used to keep the space more compact and tight. In the show flat, the table is kept extended out of the kitchen, almost as if it’s a bar counter/kitchen island. I do suppose when the space is tight, this layout actually makes the most practical sense, even if you can’t move the table when you need to – which comes at the expense of flexibility.

Anyhow, this is the ID treatment at the show flat. So if you do need a more flexible space, you should definitely consider multi-use or modular furniture here.

Right outside the dining area is the common bathroom, which has a rather typical design but the usual quality fittings from Geberit and Hansgrohe. 

The mirror serves as an in-built cabinet to store any sundries and beauty products. Again, the choice of colours and materials helps to make the bathroom feel more relaxing and spacious too. 

Apart from the under-counter basin with really generous counter space, the WC is wall-hung with a concealed cistern flush.

Similar to the kitchen, there’s no window so you won’t be able to enjoy natural ventilation here. 

Just beside the common bathroom is the common bedroom, which has just enough space to fit a queen-sized bed and the usual 2-panel wardrobe.

Too bad that the common bathroom doesn’t have a jack-and-jill layout to make this bedroom essentially an en-suite as well.

Because the AC ledge is located on the outside (next to the balcony), you don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows here. It’s not a dealbreaker by any means, and some people may in fact prefer this if they were going to convert it into a study/office anyway.

Moving on, here’s the view of the living room from the balcony. It can quite comfortably fit a 3-seater sofa and a coffee table but of course, you’d still have to be careful with the length of the sofa given the doorway for the master bedroom.

The balcony here is a decent size too. You certainly have enough space for a small table and chairs, which can serve as a breakfast corner to start your day.

Now for the last bedroom in the unit, the master bedroom. As you might expect, you get much more space here, and it also offers floor-to-ceiling windows and can comfortably fit a king-sized bed.

Located right beside the king-sized bed is the 2-panel wardrobe that has a laminate finish on the outside, and a melamine finish on the inside (the lighting is included). You do also have drawers with locks for more expensive items like watches or jewellery. 

I like how the wardrobes maximise space all the way up to the ceiling height, which is important for smaller unit spaces like this.  

There is also a side accessory panel only reserved for the master bedroom. It boasts a full-length mirror, some shelving units, and a bunch of hooks for bags and shelves for small items. 

Similar to the common bathroom, the ensuite master bathroom has the same stone-grey theme that offers a very clean and chic outlook. If the countertop is not enough space for storing all beauty products and sundries, there are more shelving compartments behind the mirrors and under the sink. 

It also has a wall-hung WC and concealed cistern flush. The only difference is that the master bathroom has an overhead rainshower which adds a touch of luxury here. Unfortunately, you don’t have ventilation windows here either, so it’s not going to be the easiest to get rid of smells in the bathroom.

Sky Eden@Bedok location review

Probably one of the most conveniently-located projects in Bedok, one of the main selling points of Sky Eden@Bedok is that it is just a 3-minute walking distance away from Bedok MRT Station.

The station is on the East-West line, so 3 stops down will connect folks to Paya Lebar MRT Station (also on the Circle line) and 7 stops away is Bugis MRT Station (also connected to the Downtown line). 

Not only that, Sky Eden@Bedok is strategically located between Paya Lebar Commercial Hub, Tampines, and Changi Aviation Park – all key locations in the East. 

For commuters who mainly use public transportation, you’d probably appreciate the fact that the indoor bus interchange is located within Bedok Mall which services more than 30 bus routes! 

To me, one of the key highlights of living at Sky Eden@Bedok is definitely the amenities available right at the development’s doorstep. Sheng Siong Bedok, FairPrice Bedok Central, and Bedok Hawker Centre all located in-between the MRT and Sky Eden@Bedok, which allows residents to have unparalleled access to 2 huge grocery shops and 70 hawker stalls within a 3-min walking radius. 

In addition, Bedok Mall is within a 3-min walking distance from the development, with over 200 shops and another FairPrice Finest within the shopping mall. 

From my personal experience with walking to the MRT station from Bedok Point, the majority of the route is sheltered but it can get quite chaotic to walk past the markets and food centres. It’s something that you’d just have to live with with a development this central.

Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT Station, 3-min walk  

Public transport 

Bus Station  Buses Serviced  Distance from Condo 
Bedok Stn Exit B 2, 2A, 9, 9A, 24, 25, 28, 31, 35, 35M, 67, 137, 137A, 222, 222B 450m, 5-min walk 
Bedok Interchange 7, 7A, 9, 9A, 14, 14A, 16, 16M, 17, 17A, 18, 26, 30, 30e, 32, 33, 33B, 35, 35M, 38, 40, 60, 60T, 69, 87, 155, 168, 196, 196A, 197, 222, 222A, 225G, 225W, 228, 229, 401, 854, 854e 400m, 5-min walk 
Bedok Stn Exit A 2, 9, 24, 25, 28, 31, 35, 35M, 67, 137, 222, 222A, 222B 1km, 13-min walk 
Aft Heartbeat @ Bedok 14, 18, 69, 155, 168, 222, 225G, 228 650m, 8-min walk 
Bef Heartbeat @ Bedok 14, 14A, 18, 69, 155, 168, 222, 222A, 225W, 228 700m, 9-min walk 
Panasonic  16, 16M, 31, 38, 137, 196, 196A, 197, 229  1km, 13-min walk 


School Distance From Condo (& Est. Driving Time) 
Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Preschool  2.9km, 6-min drive 
Rainbow Cove Preschool @ Upper East Coast  2.6km, 6-min drive 
Rainbow Cove Preschool @ Sennett  3.1km, 7-min drive 
MindChamps Preschool @ Bedok  2.5km, 8-min drive 
Apollo International Preschool Infant Care  3km, 7-min drive 
Little Paddington Preschool  3km, 7-min drive 
Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten 2.7km, 6-min drive 
My First Skool @ Blk 503 Bedok North 1.7km, 5-min drive 
Bedok Green Primary School  2.5km, 6-min drive 
Ngee Ann Primary School  4.7km, 9-min drive 
Fengshan Primary School  1.2km, 5-min drive 
St. Anthony’s Canossian Primary School  2.1km, 5-min drive 
Yu Neng Primary School  1.6km, 6-min drive 
Opera Estate Primary School  3km, 7-min drive 
Red Swastika School  1.7km, 5-min drive 
Bedok South Secondary School  2.6km, 6-min drive 
St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School  2.2km, 6-min drive 
Bedok Green Secondary School  1.8km, 6-min drive 
Bedok View Secondary School  2.3km, 6-min drive 
Damai Secondary School  2.8km, 7-min drive 
Victoria School  3.2km, 7-min drive 
Temasek Secondary School  3km, 7-min drive 
Anglican High School  2.1km, 5-min drive 
Temasek Junior College  2.3km, 7-min drive 
Global Indian International School (GIIS) East Coast Campus  3.2km, 7-min drive 
SUTD  4.3km, 10-min drive 

Parents with schooling children might be pleased to know that there are a huge variety of excellent schools within a 5-km radius of Sky Eden@Bedok. Given the unit mix here, you’ll know that parents looking at this as an option will definitely be happy.

However, since the project is so near to the MRT station, when it comes to secondary schools parents can also have the peace of mind that travel and connectivity for their kids is a very straightforward choice.

Do note that the timings are calculated based on off-peak periods, so be sure to account for longer traffic times during rush hours. 

Private Transport 

Key Destinations Distance From Condo
CBD (Raffles Place)  15km, 16-min drive 
Orchard Road  14.9km, 16-min drive 
Suntec City  12.4km, 14-min drive 
Changi Airport  7.7km, 9-min drive 
Tuas Port (by 2040)  51.6km, 50-min drive 
Paya Lebar Airbase (by 2030)  9.4km, 14-min drive 
Mediapolis (and surroundings)  22.1km, 20-min drive 
Mapletree Business City  21.4km, 22-min drive 
Tuas Checkpoint  41.1km, 30-min drive 
Woodlands Checkpoint  30.4km, 24-min drive 
Jurong Cluster  34.8km, 28-min drive 
Woodlands Cluster  32.9km, 28-min drive 
Harbourfront Cluster  18.9km, 18-min drive 
Punggol Cluster  16.8km, 18-min drive 

I’ll be frank, the numbers on the list don’t make Sky Eden@Bedok look the most central to the whole of Singapore, but for those who work in or frequent the East (for example, Changi Business Park), Sky Eden@Bedok is exceptionally convenient. 

Immediate road exits: 

Turn right on Bedok Central to cut into New Upper Changi Rd

Alternatively, turn left on Bedok Central to merge into Bedok North Ave 3 

Sky Eden@Bedok developer team 

Frasers Property is no stranger to the Singapore real estate scene, given its listing on the SGX and strong track record in the residential market in the city-state for 25 years.

To date, Frasers Property has built over 23,000 homes across 59 residential properties in Singapore, and these developments have been recognised on both global and local platforms for outstanding efforts and standards in design, architecture, construction innovation, and sustainability. The developer-owner-operator mainly deals across five asset classes: retail, commercial, business parks, industrial & logistics, hospitality, and of course, residential. 

The group has businesses in other parts of the world such as Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and China. As of March 2022, the group has reported their total assets to amount to approximately $40.7 billion. 

Other iconic residential projects by Frasers Property include Rivière, 8@Mount Sophia, and Cote d’Azur. 


Founded in 1986, ADDP Architects LLP has had its fair share in contributing to some of Singapore’s residential scene, with projects such as Martin Modern, Seaside Residences, and Park Colonial under its portfolio. Their expertise includes the fields of Master and Urban planning. 

ADDP Architects LLP also pioneered the use of pre-fabricated construction methods in Singapore and other modern construction initiatives in their architectural projects.  

Development site plan 

Sky Eden@Bedok is divided into several core parts – an active zone, a passive zone, a quiet zone, the sky garden, the North, and the South residential tower. 

For a project that is on a smaller scale, Sky Eden@Bedok offers a relatively wide range of facilities for residents of all ages. I’d say that the ratio of land allocated to the residential blocks to common areas is almost at a 50-50 level, which is not bad at all!  

It’s also worth noting that for unblocked horizon views of East Coast Park and the Bedok skyline, the clearance level starts from the 12th floor.  

Unit mix 

Unit Type  Size (sqm, sq ft)  No. of Units 
2 Bedroom Deluxe  61 sqm, 657 sq ft 16
2 Bedroom Premium  64-69 sqm, 689 – 743 sq ft 48
3 Bedroom Deluxe  83 sqm, 893 sq ft 32
3 Bedroom Premium  101 sqm, 1,087 sq ft  46
4 Bedroom Premium  121 sqm, 1,302 sq ft  16 
Total  158

Units at Sky Eden@Bedok range from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom units, with either a deluxe or premium option for the 2- and 3- bedroom units, and a premium option for the 4-bedder.

It’s not the widest range of variety, but given there are only 158 units here, it’s never going to be targetting all groups of buyers anyway. In general, unit sizes are about market average, and there’s nothing too surprising about how the units are laid out here.

From the unit mix breakdown, we can see that the majority of units are 3-bedroom units (a whopping 49per cent of the units), with a further 16 4-bedroom units, so families are definitely going to be the main target market here.

Sky Eden@Bedok stack analysis 

Best stacks 

To be frank, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the best stack – it ultimately boils down to what the buyer is looking for. However, to make my selection as objective as possible, these are the four variables that I would take into consideration before shortlisting the best stacks (in my opinion, at least): 

  1. Privacy 
  2. Afternoon Sun Orientation 
  4. Noise Pollution 

Based on Google Maps, 

  • Stacks 3 – 6 are North-facing,
  • Stacks 1, 2, 9, and 10 are South-facing and, 
  • Stacks 7 and 8 are East-facing 

It’s great to note that stacks 2, 3, and 10 might have some West-facing sun too. 

For buyers who are looking for the most private stacks, it’s important to understand that Sky Eden@Bedok is surrounded by (a mix of low-rise and high-rise) HDBs and an MRT track.

My pick for the most private stacks would be 3, 4, and 5 since it faces the low-rise HDBs, so only the lower floors might have your nosy neighbours peering into your unit. 

For those who are concerned with the afternoon sun, all stacks are generally pretty alright, though I might avoid stacks 2, 3, and 10 since they have direct West-facing afternoon sun (which can get pretty intense). 

That said, while the living and master face north (stack 3) and face south (stacks 2 and 10), one of the common bedrooms does face direct west. The upside is that the yard does face west too, so families can expect plenty of sunlight all year round for drying clothes if that’s important to them.

Without a question, stacks 9 and 10 win in the views department for units that are above the 12th floor for their unblocked horizon views of the neighbourhood and a cheeky peek of the East Coast Beach. Alternatively, stacks 2, 3, and 10 allow residents to catch a glimpse of Singapore’s CBD from afar – note that this is just from one of the common bedrooms though, not the living or master bedroom.

For those who are sensitive to noise, I’ll recommend avoiding stacks 9 and 10 since they are the closest to the MRT track and the main road (New Upper Changi Road) which can get quite noisy and chaotic during peak hours. The quietest stacks would have to be stacks 3, 4, and 5 since it faces a much quieter part of the neighbourhood. 

For a better perspective, you can view the 360 surrounding views here:

Afternoon sun 

Probably not the best news but since Sky Eden@Bedok is one of the tallest developments around, it might mean that it’ll have to embrace the full intensity of the afternoon sun. 

As previously mentioned, stacks 2, 3, and 10 will probably have the most afternoon sun throughout the year. 

Sky Eden@Bedok pricing review 

Development Units Average Price Psf TOP Tenure  Price Gap 
Sky Eden@Bedok 158 $2,100 psf 2027 99-years   
Bedok Residences 583 $1,586 psf 2015 99-years 24.5per cent
Opera Estate 182 $1,963 psf 1980 Freehold 6.5per cent
Park East 211 $1,514 psf 1994 Freehold 27.9per cent
Gemini Apartments 12 $1,323 psf 1989 Freehold 37per cent
Flamingo Valley 393  $1,675 psf 2014 Freehold 20per cent

When considering Sky Eden@Bedok’s location, the only other development within a walking distance of Bedok MRT Station is Bedok Residences. 

Bedok Residences is a much bigger development and will have TOP-ed more than 10 years prior to Sky Eden@Bedok. Considering these factors, we see an almost 25per cent price gap between the 2 developments, with Bedok Residences hovering at around $1,600 psf.

Sky Eden@Bedok, probably riding the wave of a new launch, has already hit the $2,000 mark despite also being a 99-year leasehold and located further away from the MRT station and Bedok Mall. This strongly signals to me that demand is there for property within the area – possibly those who are looking for an upgrade from an HDB flat.

All the other surrounding condo developments have one key difference to Sky Eden@Bedok – its freehold tenure. However, Sky Eden@Bedok still manages to achieve the highest average price psf. The biggest price gap would be with Gemini Apartments, which has a whopping 37per cent difference in price. I’d assume that age, the number of units, and location would be the biggest contributors to it. 

Current prices

Type Size Min Price Avg. Price Max Price Min $PSF Avg $PSF Max $PSF
3 Bedroom Premium 1,086 – 1,087 sqft $2,199,000 $2,286,840 $2,512,000 $1,901 $2,073 $2,073
4 Bedroom Premium 1,301 – 1,302 sqft $2,608,000 $2,692,727 $2,796,000 $2,003 $2,068 $2,068

These are the current price range for available units (3 and 4 bedrooms) as of 6 October 2022. For more updated pricing and unit availability, visit our new launch portal (updated weekly).

Sky Eden@Bedok has a very strategic position that allows it to command a premium over other OCR new launches.

First, there aren’t any new launch competitors in the vicinity. The development is surrounded by other HDBs and the only other condo nearby is Bedok Residences.

Second, it’s located in a very convenient area as mentioned earlier. The OCR covers a large area in Singapore. Not all OCR locations are the same e.g. Bedok vs. Sembawang (The Watergardens At Canberra) or Changi (Parc Komo).

Third, the resale supply in the area is also limited – mainly Bedok Residences. The next cluster of resale properties would be at Tanah Merah which has a pooper level of amenities.

It would be naive to assume that Sky Eden@Bedok would buck the trend in higher new launch prices – and the developers know this, even selling out many units over its launch weekend despite prices that many could not fathom paying just a year ago (over $2K for an OCR new launch!).

But how does it really compare to other developments? Let’s look at the data to find out.

Comparison with new launches in the OCR

How Sky Eden@Bedok compares in terms of $PSF (transactions from Mar – Sep 2022):

Source: URA. Prices from March to September 2022.

In terms of $PSF, Sky Eden @ Bedok ranks 4th highest for the 2 bedders. It’s only outdone by the recently launched Lentor Modern by a slight margin. But unlike Lentor Modern, Sky Eden @ Bedok will be situated in a locale that’s very mature – being just a few minutes from Bedok MRT. The number of competitors that can appear in the future is also very limited, unlike Lentor Modern where future new launches are set to compete with it.

The most expensive 2-bedroom so far goes to The Lilium which is freehold and within walking distance of Bartley MRT. It’s likely for this reason that The Lilium only has a 55per cent take-up rate despite selling much earlier than Sky Eden@Bedok. The Lilium also has more resale and new launch (The Gazania) competitors, unlike Sky Eden@Bedok.

Sky Eden@Bedok is surrounded by HDBs and could be seen as one of the few options to upgrade to for those who intend to remain in the same area and who can afford it.

For the 3-bedroom $PSF, we took the current available pricing to see how it fares with past transacted prices. Based on this, Sky Eden@Bedok is still not the most expensive OCR new launch despite its newness. However, it is more expensive than Lentor Modern – but for the reasons mentioned above, we do think that this is possible, and perhaps reasonable given the existing climate.

One thing to note is that AMO Residence is more expensive in this regard. But unlike Lentor Modern, AMO Residence is located in a pretty mature estate on its own – plus, it’s within walking distance to an MRT too. The development also boasts unblocked views towards the landed enclave and the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (for now).

The 4-bedroom unit at Sky Eden@Bedok is currently cheaper than those at AMO Residence. AMO Residence did set precedence for record-breaking OCR prices which mainstream media even highlighted as being more expensive than resale CCR prices. At this current $PSF, Sky Eden@Bedok is no different and the success of AMO Residence shows that this pricing is very much possible today.

How Sky Eden@Bedok compares in terms of overall price (transactions from Mar – Sep 2022):

Even in terms of absolute pricing, Sky Eden@Bedok seems quite reasonable. The combination of its strategic location in Bedok and current market conditions makes it even more surprising that it’s only marginally more expensive than AMO Residence, and it’s even more affordable than units at Lentor Modern!

The most expensive 2 bedroom is Rymden 77. It’s a freehold boutique located along Telok Kurau and not within walking distance of any MRT. It also has a lot more resale competitors in the area.

As for the 3-bedroom’s current prices, Sky Eden@Bedok is on the upper end of the OCR scale. Currently, it’s just lagging behind The Lilium.

Most of the other OCR new launches are also fully sold, so while we can make comparisons here and cite how much more expensive Sky Eden@Bedok is relative to other OCR developments, we must remember that most of them are already sold out.

Surprisingly, the 4-bedroom at Sky Eden@Bedok does not rank within the top 5 most expensive new launches. In fact, Lentor Modern takes the prize for this one. It’s likely due to the smaller size of the 4-bedroom. 

Lentor Modern’s 4 bedroom + flex is 226 sq ft more, resulting in a higher quantum overall. As such, those looking for a 4-bedroom might consider Sky Eden@Bedok to be quite attractive, especially if you’re looking out for something new but don’t wish to fork out close to $3 million for a new launch 4-bedder.

East-side new launches current pricing & take-up rate

Let’s hone in on existing new launches on the east side.

Tenure 99 yrs from 05/01/2022 Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold Freehold 99 yrs from 05/07/2021 Freehold 99 yrs from 08/03/2018 Freehold
District District 16 District 15 District 15 District 15 District 14 District 17 District 18 District 15 District 17 District 14
Take-Up 0.0per cent 100.0per cent 58.3per cent 100.0per cent 100.0per cent 99.6per cent 94.0per cent 96.8per cent 100.0per cent 91.6per cent
TOP Date 2027 2022 2025 2022 2024 2023 2025 2022 2022 2023
Available 3BR (Avg) $2,286,840 N/A $2,137,100 N/A N/A N/A $2,190,389 N/A N/A No Info
Available 4BR (Avg) $2,692,727 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $2,602,000 N/A N/A No Info

As you can see, most new launches are sold out. Based on available units at Sky Eden@Bedok (3 and 4-bedroom units), we’ve highlighted 2 other new launches that are still selling this equivalent bedroom type: Baywind Residences and Pasir Ris 8.

These are the available units at Baywind Residences:

The available 3-bedders left are either 969 sq ft or 1,055/1,066 sq ft in size and on average, cost less than the current prices at Sky Eden@Bedok. Consider the 969 sq ft unit:

The unit is pretty much a 3-bedroom compact and comes with a large area called the “universal space” which can be converted into a study room.

It does detract from the usual 3-bedroom where the yard is outside, but at this size, we can’t expect to have a yard. The connectivity from the kitchen to the balcony does signal that this is probably where most people would hang their laundry, assuming MCST would allow it.

Both bathrooms are not ventilated, and the bedroom sizes are typical of new launch 3-bedders. 

By comparison, here’s the 3-bedroom premium at Sky Eden@Bedok:

This one has a yard that’s ventilated, so that does make it more practical for families. There’s also a separate dining space that can comfortably fit 6 people, typical for a family profile. The master bathroom is also naturally-ventilated.

If we compare both layouts, I would say that those going for a more traditional layout should go for Sky Eden@Bedok. The household shelter can double up as a helper’s room, and having the WC there ensures privacy for your family. Moreover, the ventilated yard makes a lot of sense as compared to using the balcony to hang dry your clothes as in Baywind Residences’ case.

However, Baywind Residences is freehold. You might be wondering – why should you pay slightly more for a leasehold property when you can get a freehold one.

Given the young age of Sky Eden@Bedok as well as its defensible pricing moat (lack of competitors in the area), I would argue that Sky Eden@Bedok still has room for capital appreciation. In contrast, Baywind Residences has a lot of competitors given it is in the Telok Kurau area.

Buyers will always be making comparisons to resale developments around. That being said, it is close to the upcoming Marine Parade MRT and the amenities around cannot be discounted given the maturity of the area.

Now let’s compare it to Pasir Ris 8, of which there aren’t that many units left

This is the 3-bedroom unit which is smaller than the 3-bedroom + guest, as such, the current prices are around $1.9+ million. This is lower than Sky Eden@Bedok’s existing 3-bedroom prices of $2,286,840.

Here’s what you’ll get with the 1,023 sq ft unit at Pasir Ris 8:

The suggested dining area is a little strange as it eats into the common hallway and the kitchen, so Sky Eden@Bedok does seem to top out on this one.

It also does not have a yard, however, the balcony does stretch past the living into the first bedroom which is great for those who like this type of lifestyle element (did you know you can find units with these specific traits on our new launch platform?).

The master bedroom is interesting as it has allowances for a dresser or study area. Both bathrooms are also naturally-ventilated which is nice for a new launch condo considering this isn’t very common.

Next, let’s consider the 3-bedroom + guest which has a closer price point to Sky Eden@Bedok’s 3 bedders.

The 3-bedroom + guest layout here is quite impressive. It has a decent utility room with a window, a good-sized yard, WC, decent space for both the living and dining area, as well as two naturally-ventilated bathrooms. Even the master bedroom has another window for cross-ventilation. Overall, I would prefer this layout over Sky Eden@Bedok’s layout.

Still, the decision between Pasir Ris 8 and Sky Eden@Bedok doesn’t just fall on the layout – it’s about location. Both are leasehold properties, but Pasir Ris 8 is an integrated development. This makes it very convenient for those who want to stay close to a mega mall.

Sky Eden@Bedok isn’t too bad either, and it is closer to the city as well. For those who value saving time traveling to the central area, it is about 8 minutes faster – or 20per cent faster than if you stayed at Pasir Ris 8.

Now that we’ve seen the new launch OCR competitors available today, let’s take a look at the resale properties you can also consider in the vicinity.

Resale comparisons

As mentioned, there are few resale competitors close by Sky Eden@Bedok, so for this exercise, we had to look at the Tanah Merah area too:

Project Name Tenure 2BR 3BR 4BR
Palmwoods 99 yrs from 12/06/1996 $838,000 $1,295,000 No Data
Urban Vista 99 yrs from 05/11/2012 $883,779 $1,220,000 $1,430,500
East Meadows 99 yrs from 02/03/1998 $957,500 $1,351,231 No Data
The Tanamera 99 yrs from 01/06/1990 $958,000 $1,446,000 No Data
The Glades 99 yrs from 21/01/2013 $1,040,656 $1,606,667 $2,200,000
Grandeur Park Residences 99 yrs from 25/05/2016 $1,052,167 $1,442,489 No Data
Optima @ Tanah Merah 99 yrs from 09/12/2008 $1,140,000 $1,700,344 No Data
East Village Freehold $1,145,000 No Data No Data
Casa Merah 99 yrs from 11/07/2006 $1,162,555 $1,556,889 $1,940,000
Eco 99 yrs from 14/05/2012 $1,290,714 $1,637,500 No Data
Bedok Residences 99 yrs from 21/11/2011 $1,388,286 $1,713,629 $2,215,000
Sky Eden@Bedok 99 yrs from 05/01/2022 $1,514,828 $2,286,840 $2,692,727
Seaside Residences 99 yrs from 18/04/2016 $1,569,000 $2,412,667 No Data

Surprisingly, Sky Eden@Bedok is not the most expensive – that goes to Seaside Residences.

This is a relatively new property along the east coast stretch that boasts pretty good sea views and is probably the reason why it’s so sought-after. It’s also very close to the upcoming Siglap MRT.

Apart from that though, Sky Eden@Bedok is the most expensive. What’s interesting to note here though, is the price of Bedok Residences. Currently, the 3-bedroom trades at around a 25per cent discount! It is 11 years older in terms of tenure though, but is this 25per cent discount justified considering Bedok Residences is considered to be more convenient than Sky Eden@Bedok? Here’s what the 3-bedroom floor plan looks like for a recently-transacted 3-bedroom that’s 1,076 sq ft:

In terms of layout, one negative thing that stands out to me is that both common bedrooms are quite small. Even within the floor plan, a single bed is used as an illustration. What’s good is that at 1,076 sq ft, there is a yard, WC, household shelter, and two naturally-ventilated bathrooms. The balcony does stretch into one of the bedrooms, which I suppose isn’t too ideal given the already small bedrooms. I’m sure many buyers would’ve preferred extra indoor space there!

This layout does work (if you aren’t particular about the size of the bedrooms) and its locale is more convenient. Moreover, Bedok Residences does have a tennis court, unlike Sky Eden@Bedok, though we have to consider it to be more crowded given it has 581 units sharing the facilities.

How Sky Eden@Bedok compares $PSF-wise to resale condos around:

Project Name Tenure 2BR 3BR 4BR
Palmwoods 99 yrs from 12/06/1996 $961 $962 No Data
The Tanamera 99 yrs from 01/06/1990 $1,000 $1,007 No Data
East Meadows 99 yrs from 02/03/1998 $1,112 $1,068 $1,103
Casa Merah 99 yrs from 11/07/2006 $1,220 $1,232 $1,302
East Village Freehold $1,287 No Data No Data
Optima @ Tanah Merah 99 yrs from 09/12/2008 $1,349 $1,361 No Data
Urban Vista 99 yrs from 05/11/2012 $1,443 $1,373 $1,335
Eco 99 yrs from 14/05/2012 $1,461 $1,511 No Data
The Glades 99 yrs from 21/01/2013 $1,534 $1,554 $1,460
Bedok Residences 99 yrs from 21/11/2011 $1,581 $1,530 $1,470
Grandeur Park Residences 99 yrs from 25/05/2016 $1,629 $1,630 No Data
Seaside Residences 99 yrs from 18/04/2016 $2,076 $2,039 No Data
Sky Eden@Bedok 99 yrs from 05/01/2022 $2,153 $2,073 $2,068

If we consider $PSF, Sky Eden@Bedok is the most expensive considering its smaller size compared to Seaside Residences (they have a lot of 3-bedders between 1,200 – 1,400 sq ft!).

This is pretty much expected for new launches. Those who are on a tighter budget can look to the condos in Tanah Merah. For example, 3-bedroom units at The Glades are going for a 30 per cent discount compared to what you can get at Sky Eden@Bedok. However, despite it being just 1 stop away, the amenities do pale in comparison. Plus, it’s also 9 years older and faces greater competition from the Tanah Merah condos around.

Ultimately, this does boil down to your risk preference. For those who aren’t sticky about the location and amenities but want to stay in the east, considering the resale developments could be a more financially prudent decision. However, if you can afford it, Sky Eden@Bedok’s defensible pricing moat and better location/amenities do make it an attractive proposition.

Sky Eden@Bedok appreciation analysis 

  1. Paya Lebar New Town 

With the Paya Lebar Air Base stipulated for relocation from 2030 onwards, URA plans to progressively transform the current airbase and surrounding industrial developments into a highly liveable and sustainable new town. And this isn’t without retaining its former unique identity as an airport and airbase. 

Amounting to 5 times the size of Toa Payoh Town, there’s a lot of potential to be explored for the current site. Here are some key strategies in place to maximise usage of the new town: 

  • Car-free and walkable neighbourhoods safe for children to play in
  • Improve connectivity across towns 
  • Commercial hub with jobs and amenities for future residents and employees 
  • A core focus on nature and creating common spaces like parks and play spaces
  • Smart and sustainable growth 
  • Repurposing aviation buildings for community use

Considering Paya Lebar’s vicinity to Bedok, there’d inevitably be a spillover to Sky Eden@Bedok which would play a huge part in reimagining the amenities, lifestyle offerings, and community. 

It’s exciting to see how the skyline would change in the East, since height restrictions around the current Paya Lebar airbase would be lifted once the shift is taking place. 

  1. Tampines North Housing Expansion

We all know that Tampines is a mature estate, but it is still earmarked for several improvements. As an extension of Tampines Town, Tampines North has been identified to have an additional 21,000 new homes, with 4,000 private residential units. 

To accommodate for this increase in the Tampines North demographics, a new shopping centre, which will be integrated with a bus interchange will be injected to support the residents. Not to mention, the new Tampines North Mrt on the Cross Island line (estimated to open in 2030) has been garnering heaps of positive attention. 

Similar to the case of Paya Lebar, Bedok is within close proximity to Tampines and will be able to experience the spillover effects of this upgrade in the future – which does bode well for Sky Eden@Bedok. 

  1. Changi Airport 

  • New Aviation-Related Industries in Changi Aviation Park 

As URA has announced its plans to re-group and re-focus the existing air cargo cluster in Changi to become an aviation industrial zone, it’ll alter the surrounding businesses and demographic of residents nearby. 

  • Changi City: An Earmarked Waterfront District 

Changi City has been earmarked to become a waterfront district in the long future, which provides exciting recreational offerings. One thing that I found exciting was the seamless inter-modal “fly-ferry” linkages from the new Terminal 5. 

The introduction of Terminal 5 would also mean a more revived neighbourhood, new additions, and perhaps even new lifestyle offerings.  

  1. Public Housing Expansion Around Upper Changi & Bayshore 

As an effort to add more homes closer to jobs and improve the mix of public and private housing, URA has announced that more public housing will be built at Bayshore and around Upper Changi MRT Station. This long-term plan has a timeline for the next 50 years and beyond. 

This would mean that the supply of housing (be it public or private) is expected to rise throughout the island and the East over the next few decades. 

Our take 

Sky Eden@Bedok is the only new launch in the Bedok neighbourhood over the past decade, in which the neighbourhood itself has seen drastic upgrades over the years as well.

Take a trip down to observe the community in Bedok any day of the week and you’ll be able to witness its vibrant surroundings complemented by its excellent amenities and other services that one could possibly need.


Given Sky Eden@Bedok has already sold out the majority of its units, it is quite slim pickings at this point in time. Maybe it’s partly down to the lack of new launch supply, but I suspect that it’s also because Sky Eden@Bedok is a well-rounded proposition for buyers looking in the Bedok area. After all, given Bedok is a mature estate, there’s really not much that buyers need to be convinced of in order to stay there.

Sure, it’s not going to be as competitive in terms of the range of offerings that the bigger integrated developments can offer, but remember, there are also downsides that come with such projects. Not everyone would like to stay in a development with so many units, and neither is it always fun to come home to see so many people at your doorstep.

In a way, Sky Eden@Bedok does offer you an interesting alternative. It’s nearly as good in the convenience department (not doorstep but 3 minutes away from the mall and MRT), but with much fewer units it is certainly more private.

So for those who prioritise convenience, don’t mind a busier location, but yet want a certain level of exclusivity within the development, this could be one to take a closer look at.

This article was first published in Stackedhomes.

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