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$1.48m Pinnacle @ Duxton flat sold in a new record-breaking deal

$1.48m Pinnacle @ Duxton flat sold in a new record-breaking deal

The buzz around HDB resale flats continues to intensify, especially with another sale setting the bar even higher. Following previous notable sales in the same project, Pinnacle @ Duxton witnesses another record transaction.

This time, it's a five-room unit at Block 1D, which has fetched an astonishing $1.48 million.

Record-breaking streak of Pinnacle @ Duxton

Over the past year, several properties within Pinnacle @ Duxton have caught significant attention for their record-breaking prices. This sale, however, stands out with its remarkable price point, further emphasising the allure and demand for properties within this iconic project.

Key factors affecting the sale

Spanning a generous 1,151 sq ft, the unit went for a price of $1,285 per sq ft, making it one of the most significant transactions in terms of price per square foot for HDB resale flats. The agent behind this stellar transaction is none other than Ron Chong of Huttons Asia Pte Ltd, who interestingly was also the agent responsible for the first notable sale at Pinnacle @ Duxton back in 2015.

When asked about the transaction, Ron Chong revealed some intriguing insights. The deal was clinched on Aug 10, 2023, after just a month of marketing. Chong highlights the unique selling points of this particular unit: "It's one of the best available units on sale now. While situated on a higher floor, Block 1D offers an unobstructed view of the sea, allowing natural light and breeze to permeate the unit." Moreover, this unit's exceptional features included full-height sliding panels, setting it apart from others that only featured half-height panels. This contributed to an open and less confining space for homeowners.

Further emphasising the unit's appeal, Chong adds, "For this unit, you also don't have anyone looking into your house. The nearest building is a good distance away."

The uniqueness that is Pinnacle @ Duxton

What makes this property even more appealing is its proximity to the city and unique features. The Pinnacle is renowned not just for its location but also for amenities, connectivity, and unique architectural designs. As Chong notes, "Pinnacle is a project that sells itself." Another unique aspect of Pinnacle @ Duxton is its sky garden, free for residents but accessible to the public for a fee, offering spectacular views from above.

Trends and analysis

From the graphs, it's evident that there's been an above-average PSF growth for Pinnacle @ Duxton compared to Central HDBs and overall HDBs in the past five years. Interestingly, when observing the overall price or quantum, the growth rate is slightly lesser than the overall HDB price increase. This discrepancy might be attributed to the changing preferences during the Covid era, with an inclination towards larger-sized HDBs.

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