10 types of people you don't ever want to travel with

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Beautiful scenery, interesting people, exotic food … what's not to like about travelling, right? Unfortunately, some characters can make your entire holiday a veritable nightmare. Who are they? See below:

1. The One Who's "Fashionably" Late All The Time

In our books, there's no such thing as "fashionably" late - it's just late. If the meeting time is set for 3.30pm, this person, for reasons unknown, will go and order up the most complicated thing on the menu at 3.25pm.

All self-centredness and no self-awareness, it's okay for people to wait for him but when it's him, his time is too precious to be standing around waiting for others.

2. The One Who Can't Get His (WiFi) Shit Together

I'm not boasting here: I know I cannot live without access to the Internet and my email. So, what do I do before going overseas? I get my data roaming plan activated OR I make sure I rent a pocket WiFi router from Changi Recommends.

If you need the Internet as badly as I do, then get your shit together and subscribe to a data roaming plan before you board your flight. "Does this place have free WiFi?" when repeated 15 times is just painful.

3. The One Who's Only Interested In Getting Good Shots And Not Much Else

If you didn't post your vacation snaps on Instagram, did you really go on a holiday? The only value this person sees in a place is if it's pretty enough for her Instagram. History?

Nope. Background story? Nope. Interesting trivia? Only if it's simple enough to explain it all in one sentence - she has no time to type it all down cos she'd rather be spending the time editing her photos.

4. The One Who Keeps Going A-Wandering

You get to a place, the guide is trying to tell you some stuff about its history, and this fella just wanders off. Everyone has to wait for him to come back before they can move on and when he returns, he asks the guide to repeat what she's just told everyone. Whaaaa …

5. The One Who Just Wants To Eat Familiar Foods

Who cares if the place is known for rustic French home-cooking? He wants to eat McDonald's. Full stop.

6. The One Who Thinks He Asks Good Questions But They Are Actually Painfully Irrelevant

"The lady of the mansion died in 1745 in a fire. The place was then sold off to the state … " Everyone is ready to move on with life and his hand shoots up. "So, this lady … did they find her corpse? Was she buried or cremated?" Look, dude, really, no one cares.

7. The One Who Needs To Do Stuff That He Can't (Legally) Do Back Home

We can't drive at 200km/h in Singapore so we DEFINITELY have to drive this fast here!

We can't spit out chewed gum on the pavements in Singapore so we HAVE to do it here! We can't run around naked in Singapore so we DIE-DIE must do it here!!!! What are you???? A 17-year-old frat boy?!?!

8. The One Who Takes For Granted That You Will Share Your Checked-In Luggage Limit With Her Shopping

She decides to stock up on her favourite facial essence, and it comes in a heavy glass bottle. She decides that she needs to buy 10 of them to make her trip "worth it".

Is she worried about exceeding her allowed check-in luggage limit? Perhaps but she has nothing to fear cos she believes she'll be able to ride on someone else's luggage space … and it could be yours.

9. The One Who Keeps Changing Queues Because She Thinks The Other Queues Move Faster

Every queue is 10-deep but she decides that the one she's in isn't moving fast enough. So, she changes to the queue on her left. Then she decides that another queue is actually moving faster, so she cuts across and stakes her spot in that line. God! Just stay put and patiently wait for your turn already!

10. The One Who Simply Cannot Keep His Comments To Himself

"This country the people is like dat wan! Always take their own sweet time!" This guy is convinced it's his right to pass comments about the host country's level of efficiency, customer service, productivity … everything.

You try to keep your distance because the last thing you want is to be associated with a loud mouth like him.

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