5 things to do in Nagoya

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The holidays have just ended, and you are already planning your next trip to Japan. If you are wondering which city to visit next, why not go to Nagoya? Although it's not well-known for being a tourist hub in Japan, this city is home to some of the iconic landmarks of the country and has its own distinctive local cuisine that can only be found here!

Read on for our picks on the five things you can do (or eat) in Nagoya.


Photo: Screengrab/Find The Wasabi

Travel back in history as you visit the iconic landmark of Nagoya, Nagoya Castle. One of the remaining castles in Japan, this castle was one of the important castle towns during the Edo period and played a significant role in Japan's past.

The castle, originally built in 1610-12, was destroyed by fire during World War II and rebuilt later in 1959. If you think that the castle looks impressive on the outside, wait until you see the inside. A museum lies within the castle, where visitors can get to learn about Nagoya's rich history. Definitely a must-go place for those fascinated by history.


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Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Nagoya up above at Nagoya TV Tower! The tower holds great historical significance, being Japan's first ever broadcasting tower to be built.

Standing tall and proud in the middle of Nagoya at a height of 180 metres, the tower offers a perfect bird's-eye view of the city. There are two observation decks for you to take your pick from - an indoor Sky Deck at 90 metres high above the ground and an outdoor Sky Balcony even further up at 100 metres, where you can relish the cool breeze alongside the lovely scenery.

The tower offers one of the best night views in Japan and is a place not to be missed!


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Kick-start your day with Nagoya's specialty breakfast, Ogura Toast! Made up of thickly-sliced toasted bread topped with red bean paste and butter, the dish showcases the fusion of Eastern and Western food. Although the dish seems quite simple, the sweet and salty combination of red bean and butter will be sure to stimulate your taste buds!


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Hitsumabushi is a must-try for those who like variety in one dish. It features grilled unagi slathered in sweet sauce on top of hot white rice, served alongside with side dishes such as wasabi, spices and soup. You may think: How is the dish different from a regular unadon (rice bowl topped with eel) then?

What's special about the dish is the way of eating it. It is split into four portions and savoured in three parts: 1) with the rice, 2) with spices and seasoning added to it, and 3) with tea or broth poured into it. As for the final portion, eat it according to your favourite method. With so many flavours in a single dish, you are bound to find a flavour that you like!


Photo: Screengrab/Find The Wasabi

What's better on a cold day than a bowl of piping hot noodle soup? Miso-nikomi udon is a traditional dish made with udon noodles simmered in miso broth, served hot in a claypot.

The dish is created with Nagoya's own brand of miso, hatcho-miso (soybean miso), infusing the dish with its own local flavour. Many other ingredients such as chicken, green onions and eggs are also added into the dish to create a tasty broth. This comforting and hearty dish is sure to keep you warm on a cold day.

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