Check out this Japanese city's attractions from a dog's perspective

PHOTO: YouTube/Google Japan

Love Akita-inus? They sure are as loyal as they're cute - just like Hachiko, the Akita dog that waited for its deceased owner at Tokyo's Shibuya train station for nine years.

And Google Street View now lets you see things from their perspective.

In a bid to get more tourists to visit, the northern Japanese city of Odate (the birthplace of this Japanese dog breed) last year started working with Google Japan Street View to launch project "Dog View".

They enlisted the help of two Akita dogs, Ako, and Asuka to map out their roads, and users can now check out at Odate attractions through their eyes here.

These images were captured using lightweight 360-degree cameras mounted on the dogs, and you can watch the video below to to get a better idea of the behind-the-scenes.

This article was first published on CLEO Singapore