Would you dare to enter the tunnels of Fort Siloso at night?

"No cameras, no lights, just the sound of waves crashing along the coast."

Mr Jimmy Wong, events production director at Sentosa Development Corporation, seemed miles away when he described a new night tour of the island's historical Fort Siloso.

Truth be told, we half expected actors to jump out of the shadows during the brief tour. Thankfully, there were no such gimmicks.

Our guide, Mr Abdul Halim bin Rashid, took us down the cramped subterranean tunnels and through original exhibits of massive battle guns, narrating the fall of Singapore as he went along.

We even had to navigate a crawlspace at one point and grope through the darkness at another.

"Having the tour at night really gives exploring history a whole new dimension," Mr Wong said.

Understandably so.

After all, while the programme is the same as that of the day tour, nightfall pushes the boundaries of imagination and heightens the sensory experience for visitors.

This is the first time Fort Siloso is hosting a night tour, which will be available every weekend for the month of March and admission is free.

Part of the Thrillogy at Sentosa event happening this month, it is among a string of after-dark activities on the island which was once known as Pulau Belakang Mati, which means the island after death.

Kicking off the March school holidays on Saturday (Mar 11) is Mega Adventure's first Night Zip.

Coursing over the canopy in the day can be thrilling. But flying overhead at night is just downright frightening. If you're up for it, limited tickets for the one-time event are priced at $38.

Adventure-seekers can also camp overnight at Palawan Beach for the first time on selected weekends or attend free movie night screenings under the stars.

The playlist includes thrillers (of course) like Taken and the Maze Runner series; an X-Men Movie marathon; Asian blockbusters such as Ip Man; and chick flicks like Pitch Perfect.