5 kinds of people you might not want to date

In the modern dating world, being too picky is no longer considered a virtue. To avoid disappointment, it's important to be able to discern between potential life partners and toxic girlfriends or boyfriends. There are some things you must be picky about, and here's an exhaustive list of people you should definitely steer clear of:

1. Party animal

Always fun, adventurous and spontaneous, the party animal may seem like the ideal partner at first. After all, there's never a dull moment. However, you'll soon find yourself exhausted with all the partying, spending many a lonesome night by yourself while your other half is out painting the town red with his/her many friends.

2. The Daddy's Girl Who Buys You Everything

Dating her is extremely easy on the wallet - the spoiled are often generous. One can grow used to hearing the words: "it's okay, my daddy will pay for it." It's also fun to feel like you're subverting gender norms by accepting her generosity. Soon, you'll find yourself feeling like a parasite, and the financial inequality in the relationship will simply compel you to always give in to her, which only gives her even more leeway to act spoiled.

3. The Cynic

You find his/her cynicism and sarcasm hilarious, and kind of endearing. However, spending long periods of time with someone who's always so gloomy and negative about everything can eventually becoming pretty depressing, and pretty soon, you'll find yourself wanting to escape this long shadow that your other half casts over everything.

4. The One who's "Too Carefree to Care"

If his/her mantra is some variation of "life will sort itself out", be prepared to run! Yes, it can be relaxing to date someone so laid back. They never sweat the small stuff or fuss over anything. But this also means they'll rarely make plans or keep them, and you'll soon be frustrated at his/her lack of motivation and achievements, as well as the inability to see where you guys will end up in the long term.

5. The One Obsessed With Social Media

While his/her perfect photos and whimsical captions may be intriguing at first, you must remember that a person's carefully-curated social media image is almost never a good representation of him/her! If you think he/she leads a perfect life, you'll end up sorely disappointed when you have to undertake the full-time responsibility of making his/her life look glamorous too. While these types of people may appear alluring at first, being in a long-term relationship with any one of them can be trying, and will definitely leave you worse for wear. If you think you won't be able to handle the demands of dating someone like that, save yourself the trouble and focus your attentions somewhere else!

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