Jill Stuart Beauty has finally arrived in Singapore

PHOTO: Instagram/Jill Stuart Beauty

It's not surprising if you know designer Jill Stuart for her fashion line. But it's probably only avid fans who are aware of the spin-off beauty line that she created in 2005.

Still, we're looking at fans numbering in the hundreds of thousands, seeing as how Jill Stuart Beauty's official Instagram (@jillstuartbeauty) has 427,000 followers.

The brand's tagline is "Innocent Sexy", because it's based on the concept that women are most attractive when they are transiting from girlhood into womanhood.

It also embodies the philosophy of being kawaii (or cute in Japanese), and its inspiration comes from Japanese girls' style where everything is feminine in an elegant, innocent, yet sexy way.

Jill Stuart Beauty is big on blushers because it wants to replicate that blush that creeps into a woman's cheek the moment she meets someone they like. That's why the designer takes it upon herself to individually dust every model's cheeks with her blushers before each runway show, says manager Yuki Wakuda.

That's also why its best- selling product is the Mix Blush Compact ($59) and its latest addition to the collection is the Loose Blush ($54), a blusher compact and loose powder blusher respectively, as their names imply.

Contrasting colours, textures and fragrances are always used in the collections - think pink mixed with grey, matte mixed with gloss, and juicy, fruity scents mixed with seductive floral ones - to draw out the innocence and sexiness that every woman possesses.

To add to the appeal, every product's packaging is intricately designed like an accessory or jewel that you can tote around.

You can expect transparent casings that look like diamonds and silver-coloured packaging with detailed carvings, to further drive home Jill Stuart Beauty's message of embracing femininity.

Signature ingredients used in the formulations include rosemary extract, an antioxidant, lavender oil which has anti-inflammatory benefits, rosehip oil that has essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and wild rose extract that helps calm and hydrate skin.

A curated collection of about 60 per cent of the entire range will be available at Ion Sephora from Mar 29, 2018, so you won't have to travel to Japan to bag your favourites in the future.

This article was first published in Her World Online