#Joeyjios: DIY your way into mum's heart this Mother's Day

Here's your friendly mid-week PSA:

Mother's Day is happening this Sunday (May 12) and there's still time to show your momma some appreciation for putting up with all the grief you've given her throughout the years. 

Want a thoughtful, (somewhat) charming and sincere gift without breaking the bank?

Consider taking the DIY route like I did.

It'll be one-of-a-kind, customisable, aaaand show mum you took the extra effort to make her something from the heart.

Two projects that I did centred around something my house (and yours too, probably) already has -- Mason jars.

Not only are you helping the environment by recycling materials, you're also making something practical that your mother can actually use.


Difficulty level: 4/5

Glue marks aside, I figured this was a pretty good attempt for a first try. Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee 


Difficulty level: 2/5 

I used leftover materials from the first project (above). 
Photo: AsiaOne/ Joey Lee 

Not that I'm discrediting the finger-paints we all did in kindergarten, of course.

Watch how I did it:

Here are the original sources of my craft projects:

Click here for the Fairy Garden Mason jar topper and here for the Mason jar lid magnets.

If you have left over mason jars, why not try making a DIY butterfly haven?

Ask if your mom still needs the jars though, because this one's purely for decor.

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