Meet the next big Chinese sweethearts who will rule the silver screens

Meet the next big Chinese sweethearts who will rule the silver screens

They're young and beautiful.

Meet the offspring of Chinese celebrities who're looking to rule the silver screens with their youthful charms and gorgeous looks.

First up is Eleanor Lee, daughter of local actress Quan Yifeng, who is no stranger to TV audiences and Apple fans.


Barely even 17, the teen beauty is already bagging roles in top productions and in advertisements for big brand names.

Lee is currently working in upcoming blockbuster Chinese TV drama, Tribes And Empires, and mesmerising teen boys everywhere with her luscious locks, doe eyes and skills in art.

She also won hearts when she starred in a heart-warming Apple commercial in early 2015.

Then there's also Ouyang Nini, daughter of Taiwanese actor Ouyang Long, who has a face and legs to die for.

Nini, 19, who appeared in a few Taiwanese TV productions such as Love SOS and also movies like At Cafe 6, also stunned fans with her athletic capabilities when she did a cartwheel while throwing a baseball pitch.

The leggy lass also touched many when she chose to remain in Taiwan, forgoing her place at Temple University in the United States, so she could look after her younger sister, Ouyang Nana.

According to Taiwanese media reports, she has been a popular social media star as early as 2013 when she posted quirky things about her life.

She shared on her Sina Weibo blog in Oct 2013 about how she found some coins in the pocket of an old coat. This quirky story got her almost 100,000 new fans and made it to the Taiwanese entertainment news report.

Her younger sister Ouyang Nana is also wooing fans with her Snow White features and musical talent.

Just a wee bit younger than Lee, the 15-year-old is also building up a reputation as the next big thing with movies and TV roles.


The teen beauty appeared in 2015's To The Fore with Dante Lam and Choi Siwon and did a photo spread with Vogue Taiwan in Feb 2016.

Trained in classical music, she is also a cello player and has performed in concerts and also puts up videos of her pieces on YouTube.

Her Facebook page alone has close to 900,000 fans and followers.

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