Negative portrayal of women on reality TV: No super role models on SuperModel Me

It was nice to read about Miss Chew Khee Gek, who received her O-level certificate and made her family proud, in the report "Late, but not behind" (The New Paper, Jan 27).

I felt happy for the 20-year-old.

And then I turned to pages 8 and 9 of TNP and read about SuperModel Me Femme Fatale contestant Katherine Rigby, who said she doesn't get along well with women.

How many times have I heard this?

I have never heard of a man saying he can't get along with men or doesn't like working with men.

Men have issues with other men too. The only difference is they know how to sort it out and deal with it.

Reality shows like SuperModel Me and Asia's Next Top Model portray women in a negative stereotypical way.

In real life, women don't behave like this. I have never encountered women like these in my life.

Women are too busy studying, working or taking care of their families and trying to prove that they are as capable as men.

After a few minutes of SuperModel Me Femme Fatale, I was turned off by the participants' catty and bitchy behaviour. So much for female empowerment.

Yes, it may be just another silly reality show, but young girls who watch it may think it's normal and fine for them to behave this way.

Women in many parts of the world are struggling and treated like second-class citizens and this is how women are shown in many reality shows.

I hope Miss Rigby will be able to get along with her mum soon, and that TNP will write more about inspirational women like Miss Chew.

Melanie ManiamĀ 

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