Sweet treats for mum this Mother's Day

It's nearly Mother's Day, and to show her your appreciation, one of these beautiful pastries specially created for the occasion should do the trick.

We've seen some really interesting creations like ice cream macaron sandwiches and edible vase cakes; but there are also some popular picks your mum might love, like churros or cookies.

1. Ice cream macaron sandwiches - Macarons SG

Get one of these colourful gems at Macarons SG, a halal bakery along Syed Alwi Rd.

If you're not able to bring your mum down to the shop, order some macarons home. There are classic ones that sell at $2.50 a piece, with flavours like Speculoos cookie butter, black velvet Nutella cheesecake, and Chinese white peach.

And if you want to kick it a notch higher, get bespoke macarons that can be printed with anything you'd like, say floral patterns, stripes, or even your mom's name.

Macarons SG is at 210 Syed Alwi Rd.


2. Cookies - Eau My Cookie!

These pretty little cookies are handmade by a mother who started this business by just doing cookie decorating as a hobby.

She was awesome at it, so her hobby turned into a business pretty quickly, and we're not surprised at all. Just look at those vibrant colours and clean lines.

We're really impressed at the range of designs she is able to do. Check out her cookie gallery, you'll find calligraphy cookies, cookies of cartoon characters, and even Gucci perfume bottles.

So just think of some things your mom cherishes, and get them in cookie form.


3. Putu Ayu - Ollella

One of our favourite choux puff places is doing something different this Mother's Day -- Putu ayu to be precise.

That's a steamed pandan coconut sponge cake that's made with freshly squeezed pandan juice and coconut milk. It isn't airy like most sponge cakes though, it's soft, moist, and a little dense, which gives it a bit of bite.

It's dusted with freshly grated coconut and just a sprinkling of salt for contrast. We're already drooling thinking of having this with some gula melaka or caramel oozed on top of it.

If your mum loves traditional desserts and kueh, this cake is likely to be a hit with her. It costs $48 and served approximately 10 - 12 people.

Ollella is at 3 Petain Rd.


4. Red velvet churros - Lower East Side Tacqueria (Katong)

Okay, so maybe your mum is a bit of a foodie. She likes food trends like poke bowls, truffle-scented stuff, and when dragon's breath came out she wanted to try it so badly.

So treat her to this marriage of two food trends -- red velvet, and churros. It's mainstream and very likeable. It's completely free for your mum on Mother's Day (13 May).

These red velvet churros at Lower East Side Katong comes with lime margarita sauce for an acidic kick to balance the sweetness.

If you mum appreciates Mexican food and loves popular food trends, bring her here.

Lower East Side Tacqueria (Katong) is at 19 East Coast Rd.


5. Floral cupcakes - Petalsserie

You might be able to guess what this place sells based on the name alone. That's right, it specialises in floral cakes.

There are also cupcakes available, covered with multicoloured pastel roses, or crowned with a succulent or cacti.

You get to choose various flavours too, like earl grey lemon, speculoos, or chocolate salted caramel, though you'd never be able to guess that from the appearance.

Petalsserie is at 591A Ang Mo Kio St 51.


6. Ice cream cake - Haagen-Dazs

When regular old cake won't cut it, and you want something to seriously impress your mum, head to Haagen-Dazs for a luscious belgian chocolate ice cream cake.

The inside is chocolate, but the chocolate casing that surround the cake is made of white chocolate, and the melt-in-the-mouth carnation petals sitting on top of the cake tastes of strawberry chocolate.

Haagen-Dazs is located at various outlets islandwide.


7. Flower arrangement cake - Cakerholic

This is one of the more creative treats we've seen yet. Fresh flowers arranged in an ombre cake vase, so your mum can do more than have her cake and eat it, she could keep the flowers that come with it too.

You can choose either bright coloured or pastel flowers, while the cake comes in three flavours: earl grey lavender, carrot cake, and lemon passionfruit.

The small one costs $128 and feeds 6 people, while the larger one costs $168 and is good for 15 people.

The only catch is that there is no delivery, so you'll need to head down to Joo Chiat if you want this cake.

Cakerholic is at 451 Joo Chiat Rd.


This article was first published on Her World Online