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These new Nike slides come with mini fanny packs, why?

These new Nike slides come with mini fanny packs, why?

Who thought of this and why?

The fashion industry never fails to amaze us. From making Thai shopping bags chic to introducing platform Crocs, fashion brands constantly upping their wow (or WTF) factor.

This time around, Nike has taken over the baton from Balenciaga to have the most talked-about release. They will be launching an update for their classic Benassi slides for summer - but not just any slides. These one come with little fanny packs.

By that, we don't mean that they come separately, but they're actually affixed to the straps.


Based on its size, we can't really imagine what you'd actually put in there. Probably socks in case you want to rock the socks with sandals trend. Or your emergency stash of money in case you blow all the cash in your wallet on something you absolutely didn't need. Or perhaps your EZ-link card, although we would recommend removing the card from the fanny pack before scanning it because no one really wants to see you scanning your slippers. And hold that thought - don't even think of pulling a high-kick move just to make the fanny pack reach the card reader.

And we feel like we have to do the civic duty of reminding you not to put anything expensive - like your diamond ring (but then again, why wouldn't it be on your finger?) - if you're going to leave the slippers out in the corridor.

No release date has been announced, but until then, you can think of other ways to utilise those mini fanny packs to make the slides worth every cent. And decide which of the three colours to shell your money out on.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore

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