Woman sits through medical board exams while in labour - and passes

PHOTO: Facebook/Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan

Women are great at multitasking - juggling work, family, and many other commitments at the same time. 

A heavily-pregnant woman from the Philippines took this to the next level - she didn't allow labour pain to get in the way of realising her life-long dream of becoming a doctor.

Giving birth? Pffft. Talk about dedication.

In a Facebook post, Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan recounted her incredible experience on March 11 -- through the viewpoint of her newborn son.

That morning, she had spotting and cramps which indicated that her baby was on the way.

When her water broke, Sibuyan kept it to herself, knowing that she would be taken to the hospital immediately if she told her family.

She headed to the exam venue and endured hours of labour pain so that she could sit for her medical board exams.

As Sibuyan's contractions became more frequent and intense, friends and exam invigilators became concerned, but she powered through all three papers.

Hi! I'm 1️⃣ week old today. Exactly one week from the time I was born right after mommy's Physician's Licensure...

Posted by Eunice Stefanelle Atianzar Sibuyan on Monday, March 18, 2019

Did we mention that she did so while monitoring her baby's condition?

Right after submitting her exam papers, Sibuyan's partner was waiting outside to rush her to the hospital, but baby could not wait.

She ended up delivering a baby boy at the hospital where she sat her exams, just 13 minutes after being wheeled into the delivery room. 

Three days after his birth, Sibuyan found out she passed her exams and became a licensed doctor.

But her journey to motherhood was not as easy as it seemed.

Sibuyan wrote that she was in the midst of a hospital internship when she learnt of her pregnancy and was advised to be put on bed rest.

She pushed through and completed the internship. But her baby couldn't wait until she finished her examinations.

A week before her board exams, Sibuyan found that she was slightly dilated during a prenatal checkup.

She did all she could to prepare for the examination, which included attending her review and reading her materials while lying on the bed.

After completing her exams and having a baby (all within a day), Sibuyan's challenges were far from over.

Her newborn had to be readmitted to the hospital due to a bout of neonatal infection, but he has since recovered after receiving treatment.

"Hats off to my doctor mum! I'm not a hindrance to my mummy's success (but) rather a blessing from up above. Mummy said I'm a risk worth taking," said the Facebook post.

We agree with the boy. Well done, mummy!