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Are you kidding? Baby goat wows fans with 22-inch ears

Are you kidding? Baby goat wows fans with 22-inch ears
Mohammad Hassan Narejo, 30, displays Simba, a one month and four days old kid goat with 22-inch long ears, at his house in Karachi, Pakistan, on July 8, 2022.
PHOTO: Reuters

KARACHI, Pakistan - Some social media stars win their fame through their looks, others through their jokes. Simba the baby goat has won over the web with his astonishingly long ears - 22 inches and growing.

The tawny-coated kid goat has attracted thousands of followers on YouTube and other channels since he was born in Karachi, Pakistan on June 4.

His breeder, Mohammad Hassan Narejo, has sent Simba's details to the Guinness Book of Records, though he is not sure it keeps track of such measurements. He is still waiting for an answer.

When Simba was born, his ears were 19 inches (48cm) long. They have grown another three inches in just over a month and are showing no signs of stopping.

“I got a special velvet harness or pouch to keep his ears, so he can run and play with ease without entangling his ears,” Narejo told Reuters.

Narejo works in the air traffic control department of Karachi airport, but his passion is goat breeding, and he has great plans for Simba.

“I plan to preserve Simba's semen for artificial insemination so if, God forbid, he is no more his breed can continue,” Narejo said.

He feeds Simba milk three times a day and has taken other steps to ensure his wellbeing - a black thread around the animal's throat to ward off the evil eye.

“Evil eye can destroy a mountain. He is just a kid goat with celebrity status,” Narejo said.

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