Awkward? Indonesian man's uneasiness caught on camera as his wife hugs her ex and tears up at their wedding

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Although he might have been okay with his wife keeping in contact with her ex, this Indonesian man definitely regretted his decision after witnessing what happened on his big day. 

The groom found himself in a pickle, when he witnessed his wife get emotional after hugging her ex-boyfriend at their wedding. 

His grimace was unfortunately captured on video by one of his wedding guests, and surfaced on TikTok last Sunday (Nov 7). In less than a week, it went viral, garnering more than 3.2 million views and 76,600 likes.

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In the 29-second-long video, the bride is seen briefly taking a seat, but promptly stands up when her ex-beau approaches her.

The former couple then embrace each other — while the groom stands next to them, his eyes darting around.  

Although the groom remains polite to the ex-boyfriend, his expression changes after the latter leaves. Glancing at his emotional wife — who was wiping her tears away — a hint of anger can be detected on his face. 

Almost symbolically, he even twists the ring on his finger at the end of the video. 

Naturally, many in the comments were sympathetic towards the groom, with some even saying that the former lovers should not even have embraced each other. 

PHOTO: Screengrab from TikTok 

If this wasn't weird enough, in 2019, a Thai woman invited three of her ex-boyfriends to her wedding. They even posed together for pictures together with her husband, who was seen smiling awkwardly in the photograph.

The bride later clarified in a Facebook post that she had sought her husband's permission before inviting her exes.

Even more strangely, an Indonesian bride was forced to share her wedding ceremony with her husband's ex-girlfriend in July, when she agreed to let him marry her after she turned up at the ceremony unannounced.