Daily roundup: 5 cluster housing projects with units at $2m or under — and other top stories today

PHOTO: Stackedhomes

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. 5 cluster housing projects with units at $2m or under

Cluster housing provide the conveniences (and savings) of communal facilities, with the privacy and room of a landed property... » READ MORE

2. Jack Neo's daughter launches frozen laksa soup, just in time for CNY 2021 steamboat sessions

PHOTO: Chu Collagen; Instagram/Ethneo

After "many bowls of laksa and many kilograms of coconut milk", the final product contains "the silkiest coconut milk" and spices... » READ MORE

3. Jacelyn Tay says her hardships, like autoimmune disease, bankruptcy and divorce, are frankly 'no big deal'

PHOTO: Instagram/jacelyn_tay

"Different people struggle with different things in life. Frankly speaking, these hardships that I faced are no big deal... » READ MORE

4. Burmese actor-model sends internet into frenzy even after shaving head and wearing monk robes

PHOTO: Instagram/paing_takhon

There are very specific reasons why people go viral, mainly because he is making the internet thirsty even though he has shaved his head, joined the monastery, and was garbed in monk robes...» READ MORE