Daily roundup: Internet thanks Jovina Choi after 3 ERP gantries switched off - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Facebook/All Singapore Stuff

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Internet thanks Jovina Choi after 3 ERP gantries switched off

ERP charges at three locations will be removed from Monday (Feb 18), the LTA has announced. The internet's mysterious powers of association started connecting viral Go-Jek passenger Jovina Choi's rant and.... » READ MORE

2. 'Indecent exposure not my intention', says model criticised for outfit at Somerset MRT station

Photo: STOMP

A woman who found herself talk of the town after photos of her in a skimpy outfit went viral online has responded to criticism by netizens... » READ MORE

3. Pudding-throwing incident stokes anti-China sentiments in the Philippines

A police officer tried to stop Chinese arts student Zhang Jiale from entering an MRT station in Manila with a cup of soy pudding, saying she had to finish it first. Instead of complying, she argued and hurled the pudding at his chest.Photo: Facebook/Pau Mesias

What was supposed to be a usual incident of a foreigner throwing a tantrum at a train station has turned into a controversy in the Philippines, stoking long-simmering resentment among many locals over... » READ MORE

4. Where the world's worst tourists come from: You may be surprised

Photo: AFP

There was a time when what happened on tour, stayed on tour. Not any more. Smartphones have changed the game, allowing holidaymakers (and hosts) to capture and upload clips of shocking behaviour to... » READ MORE