Daily roundup: Singapore Airlines denies snooping with in-flight entertainment cameras - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Singapore Airlines

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Singapore Airlines denies snooping with in-flight entertainment cameras​

Travellers took to Twitter and other social media to raise the alarm over the cameras at the bottom of seatback screens on a number of the Singapore flag carrier's newer aircraft... » READ MORE

2. Fatal fame: man drinks himself to death chasing live-stream dream​

A 29-year-old Chinese man died while in pursuit of internet fame.Photo: Baidu.com

His friend said that as well as beer and spirits, Chu once drank cooking oil for his fans in the hope of getting cash rewards from them... » READ MORE

3. Actor Peter Yu may no longer be in contact with daughter Eleanor but he is happy with life​

Photo: AsiaOne

He has not even been following Eleanor's burgeoning career in China as an actress, artist and singer... » READ MORE

4. Cast honours Aloysius Pang as show goes on​

Photo: Instagram / @the_celebrityagency

The lensing ceremony held yesterday (Feb 20) was supposed to be a joyous occasion to mark the start of filming for a TV series... » READ MORE