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Dejdamrong Looks To Make Family Proud At ONE: CALL TO GREATNESS

Dejdamrong Looks To Make Family Proud At ONE: CALL TO GREATNESS

At ONE: Call To Greatness this Friday, 22 February in his adopted hometown of Singapore, former ONE Strawweight World Champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke will face Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado in a highly anticipated rematch.

Dejdamrong knows his biggest supporter will be watching his match closely, and he is more determined than ever to reward her for continuing to support and believe in him.

In his 30-year martial arts career, the ONE Championship superstar has always been able to count on his family.

Born into a life of hardship in Thailand’s Trang Province, Dejdamrong often remembers both his parents having to leave the family farm in search of work.

It was only through his discovery and enduring passion for Muay Thai that the man later known as “Kru Rong” found the valuable opportunity to lift his family out of poverty.

“The whole reason I started Muay Thai was to help my family with the finances and give them a better life,” he reveals.

Yet one particular member of his family was less than enthused about his competitive endeavors.

“At first, my mother was scared and didn’t want me fighting,” the Thai warrior recalls. “However, after seeing how much I loved it, she warmed up to the idea and started to support me.”

Determined to help his family, a 17-year-old Dejdamrong made the decision to relocate to one of the top Muay Thai gyms in Thailand – the Lookbanyai Camp in Bangkok.

He embarked upon a professional Muay Thai career, claimed Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai World Titles in multiple weight classes, and eventually settled in Singapore, where he has now made a home for himself.

Since teaching at Evolve MMA, “Kru Rong” has been able to provide a better life for his family.

“I was able to buy a plot of land for them,” he says. “It meant a great deal to be able to finally give back to them after all the years of providing for me.”

Finally making enough to support his loved ones financially, Dejdamrong turned his sights towards chasing a new goal – becoming Thailand’s first mixed martial arts World Champion.

Just like with Muay Thai, his mother’s initial hesitation soon gave way to overwhelming support for her son’s new competitive endeavors.

The Thai would validate his mother’s support when he claimed the inaugural ONE Strawweight World Title in May 2015 and became the country’s first-ever mixed martial arts World Champion.

Dejdamrong has experienced a few setbacks since then. He lost his belt a year later and had mixed results in his following six bouts.

However, he will get a chance to avenge one of his losses this coming Friday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium when he meets the Philippines’ Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado, who is the only person to knock him out in mixed martial arts competition.

While his family will not be in attendance, they will most certainly be watching from Thailand — especially one special person.

“My mum makes sure to catch all my fights,” the Thai legend says.

Should he prevail at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Dejdamrong will finally have another long-awaited opportunity to repay his mother’s faith and his late father’s unwavering support.

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