House rented for 9 years in Bangkok looks like it was never cleaned

House rented for 9 years in Bangkok looks like it was never cleaned

We have read our fair share of nightmare tenant stories in Singapore, but can they really beat this one from Bangkok?

Landlord Nathalie Ruangdet took to Facebook last week with hers and the accompanying photos are definitely a rupophobic's nightmare.

The most shocking area is the toilet, where black grime covers the toilet bowl, sink, walls and floor.

Ruangdet shared that the place was rented to a woman for nine years, with emphasis that she seemed like "a good person".


Recently, the tenant moved out all of a sudden, leaving the keys with the security guard, instead of meeting Ruangdet.

To the landlord's horror, the apartment looked like it was never cleaned.

Conditions were so bad Ruangdet thought the woman must have abandoned it long ago, but neighbours confirmed that she stayed in it the entire period.


The landlord speaks fondly of her tenant in the post and although the latter sometimes missed her payment, she would always notify Ruangdet.

Other times, she would even pay in advance.

"We just wonder how you can still live in a room like this," wrote Ruangdet in Thai.

"She has a strange life."

According to a cleaner hired, the stench of the house left a deep impression on her.

The filth was hard to remove and it took five cleaners to clean the whole place.

"I have never seen a house dirtier than this," claimed one of the cleaners.

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