How bra-zen: Taiwanese influencer barred from Louvre Museum for wearing this outfit

Taiwan influencer Iris Hsieh posing in front of the Louvre Museum in a lacy bra.
PHOTO: Instagram/irisirisss5200

You know how Europeans are generally perceived to be more open-minded and liberal compared to Asians? 

Well, not if you ask influencer Iris Hsieh from Taiwan.

On a recent trip to Paris, Hsieh shared that she was allegedly driven away by the local police when she visited the Louvre Museum all because of her "bra top", she cited. 

Hsieh a former nurse, is now an influencer on live-streaming platforms and YouTube with over 123,000 followers on her Instagram account where she mainly posts pictures showcasing her voluptuous figure in provocative poses.

On Nov 3, Hsieh shared pictures on Instagram, updating that she's visiting Paris.

In the post, Hsieh was seen in a sheer lacy bra posing in front of the Louvre Museum where she expressed disappointment for not being able to take more of those pictures as she was stopped by local police due to her outfit.

"[My] first time seeing the Louvre Museum. [I] could only take three pictures in the beautiful bra top that I just bought as local police approached me and 'got concerned'," wrote Hsieh.

She had to put on her fluffy black coat back to continue taking videos with the historic landmark.

Does Louvre Museum has a dress code?

On the official website, there isn't an attire category under its museum rules. However, some ticketing website does advise visitors to refrain from wearing "inappropriate clothing" such as swimsuits.

Some netizens suggested that the local police probably intended to "hit on her" or wanted to "get to know her".

She explained in a reply that she was really "chased off".

Under a comment of "the policeman wanted to get to know you", Hsieh replied "no [I] was really chased off [face with tears of joy emoji]".
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/irisirisss5200

There were also netizens who called her actions "embarrassing".

One asked: "How can you visit a place like that in such an outfit… common sense" while another posted that the culture in Paris is different and "the way you dress up surely catches attention". 

Comments criticising her such as "how can you visit a place like that in such an outfit… common sense" could be seen under her post.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/irisirisss5200

Her supporters, however, backed her up, praising her beauty in comments.

"So pretty, the policeman doesn't appreciate your beauty," one posted. "Are the French this conservative? Is wearing bra out on the streets not allowed?"

And that's not all.

Some netizens joked about how rare it is to see Hsieh all covered up in this post, with some commenting that she actually looks better this way than in revealing clothes.

Earlier in April, Malaysia influencer MsPuiyi was also under fire for sharing pictures of her posing in traditional Vietnamese clothes without wearing pants. She ended up removing the pictures and apologised to the people of Vietnam.

In 2020, another woman was stopped by a guard for her outfit too. A Malaysian woman was denied entry from Kuala Lumpur library being told that her bra was 'visible'.

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