How A Humble Approach To Martial Arts Carried Giorgio Petrosyan To Greatness

How A Humble Approach To Martial Arts Carried Giorgio Petrosyan To Greatness
PHOTO: How A Humble Approach To Martial Arts Carried Giorgio Petrosyan To Greatness

Pound-for-pound kickboxing great Giorgio Petrosyan returns to action in ONE Super series looking to build on his legacy.

The kickboxer known as “The Doctor” has a stellar record of 97-2-2 (1 NC) and is considered to be one of the greatest exponents of his martial art of all time.

Ahead of his bout at ONE: HEART OF THE LION in Singapore on Friday, 9 November, Petrosyan explains how he has managed to maintain his excellence throughout his remarkable career.

“With what I have achieved, and all the fans that now follow me, it could make a psychological change, but it hasn’t,” he explains.

“It can make some people more arrogant, but my environment – my family, the gym, and this sport – make me stay humble.”

Petrosyan’s latest challenge will see him face off against Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai World Champion Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy (36-17) in a 71-kilogram catch weight ONE Super Series kickboxing bout.

While he holds a superior record to his opponent, the two-time K-1 World Max  Champion refuses to allow arrogance or complacency into his mind ahead of the contest.

His quest for perfection inside the ring has seen him produce some of the most technically excellent kickboxing performances ever seen between the ropes, and he explains that his ability to attain that level of performance is down to his attitude of humility.

“The easiest way for me has always been to be humble. It’s just in my DNA,” he says.

“My father taught me to be like this when I was growing up, and since then everything around me has been the same. The work I have to do in the gym, my trainers, my organisation, my whole environment – it’s all like this.”

His respectful, humble attitude is one that makes him an ideal fit in ONE Championship, which promotes those qualities as part of the positive impact of martial arts.

Indeed, despite his incredible record, he prefers to let others promote his successes, rather than brag about them himself or trash talk his opponents.

“I want to make my show in the ring, not by talking before I enter it,” he says.

“I really wish to be a positive role model to the young people and up-and-coming athletes fascinated by these sports.

“I would like to teach people that a champion doesn’t have to be arrogant. This is the main thing.”

Petrosyan competes to test himself, further his skills and cement his legacy.

Through his performances inside the ring, and his humble approach outside it, Petrosyan’s martial arts legacy is already assured.