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I wanted to give murder a try, says young South Korean woman who stabbed and dismembered victim

I wanted to give murder a try, says young South Korean woman who stabbed and dismembered victim
PHOTO: YouTube/KBS News

Dressed in a school uniform, Jung Yoo-jung waited for an English tutor to let her into her house.

But the 23-year-old Jung was no student and she wasn't there for tuition either.

She engaged the tutor with a sinister plan in mind — murder.

On May 26, Jung killed a tutor "out of curiosity" in the victim's home in Busan, South Korea, reported The Chosun Ilbo. She was arrested the following day.

A murder 'fan' with a plan

According to media reports, Jung pretended to be the parent of a high school student and got in touch with the victim via a mobile app for tutoring.

On the day of the murder, she turned up at the tutor's house while wearing a school uniform she bought from an online flea market. 

"Jung is short, and with the uniform on, the victim probably mistook her for a middle-school student," a police spokesperson said. 

She allegedly stabbed the victim to death with a knife before dismembering the body. 

A taxi driver, who had driven Jung to an area near a river, alerted the police after seeing her drag a bloodied suitcase into the bushes. 

Parts of the victim's dismembered body were later found by the riverside, while the rest of her remains were found in her home. 

Police said they believe the crime was planned as they found plastic bags and bleach that Jung had used when disposing the body.

Jung later said she was "out of her mind" for committing the crimes, Korea JoongAng Daily reported. 

She also told reporters that she felt "really sorry for the victim's family". 

While Jung told the police that her crimes were "accidental", she later confessed that she "wanted to give murder a try" after novels and TV programs on the topic "piqued her interest".

The young woman had been preparing for the murder for about three months, reading up on related content and searching for terms such as "murder without a corpse" on the internet.

Student in Japan slashes teacher 'to experience killing'

In a separate incident in March, a 17-year-old trespassed into Misasa Junior High School near Tokyo and slashed a teacher with a knife who tried to stop him from entering a classroom, reported Kyodo. 

Other teachers at the scene helped to subdue the attacker, who told the police "I wanted to kill anyone" after his arrest.

The victim suffered non life-threatening injuries and no students were hurt in the incident.

Investigations also revealed that the boy had hinted at his involvement with the deaths of several mutilated cats around the city. 

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