Indonesian teen dies while being punished for being late to school

PHOTO: Facebook/Yenni Olivia Lahingide

We're no strangers to punishments for all those times we've been late to school — whether it's detention, demerit points or community service — but none of us has ever expected to pay for our mistakes with our lives.

Unfortunately, a 14-year-old student in Indonesia died while being disciplined.

Police reports stated that Fanly Lahingide, along with five other friends, were late to school by 25 minutes on Tuesday (Oct 1). As punishment, their teacher made them run laps around the school field.

In the middle of his second lap, Fanly collapsed.

He was rushed to the hospital but later pronounced dead at 8.40am after attempts to resuscitate him failed.

The exact cause of his death is currently unknown. To add to the confusion, Fanly was not known to have any history of medical conditions.

His mother, 46, was in tears as she recounted how Fanly was still having breakfast at home before he left for school at 6.30am. Less than two hours later, she received a call informing her that her son had passed out.

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"I never thought this morning would be the last time I get to see my son." she sobbed. "I hope no other child has to experience this. The police must investigate this incident and punish the teacher accordingly."

The police chief told Tribun News that the victim's family would raise a case against the teacher as they vehemently disagreed with his teacher's actions.

An autopsy will be carried out at Bhayangkara Hospital.