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Japanese wife rewards hubby with $250 and a day off for being a 'hardworking dad'

Japanese wife rewards hubby with $250 and a day off for being a 'hardworking dad'
PHOTO: Twitter / @chanhanaaaaaa

It's been said that it takes a village to raise a child.

So, imagine the Herculean responsiblity that parents shoulder daily and how stressful it must be -- even with two people at the helm.

Hence, when partners shower each other with gratitude and appreciation for their contribution to parenting, it warms the cockles of the collective Internet's heart.

That's not easy, considering that the cyberspace can also be the harshest judge, jury, and executioner.

But when a wife writes a thank-you note to her husband, includes 20,000 yen (S$243) and offers him a day off to spend that money, how can one not be moved?

That's exactly what Twitter user Hiroto's wife did.


The loving couple tied the knot in 2017 and gave birth to their adorable daughter in August 2018. Logically, the arrival of a tiny human in the household meant increased responsibilities and the couple's life changed tremendously.

However, while new parents would probably fumble, Hiroto is apparently excelling in his newfound role as a father.

In his tweet last Monday (March 4), Hiroto posted a photo of the surprise that his wife left for him. There was an envelope with the kanji for the Japanese word "kansha" (which means "with appreciation") written on it.

The thank-you note and 20,000 yen were enclosed within the envelope.


The note was titled "A present for you: One day off" and read:
Any day is OK. Let me know when you pick one.
● You can spend the money however you want (playing pachinko, going to a hot spring, going out to eat, going out to drink, etc.)
● Come home whenever you feel like it (just don’t be extremely late)
● On that day, when you’re at home, you don’t have to do anything.

Hiroto's wife ended off by thanking him for his efforts. She wrote: "This is a present for you for being a dad who’s always working so hard every day. Thank you, always."

Along with the photo, Hiroto also tweeted: "I'm so grateful to my wife! Off to enjoy my day off!"

Twitter users were quick to share in the joy and praise Hiroto's wife for the loving gesture and described her as "divine" and a "strong candidate for wife of the year".

Of course, they were also generous in their compliments for Hiroto and said that he must be a "pretty helpful and considerate husband and dad to inspire such generosity from his wife".

Such loving and supportive relationships are the stuff of dreams for many but real life examples like these still breathe hope into the idea of a happily ever after.


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