Lover's spats gone wrong: These boyfriends paid with their lives

Love can be a battlefield - almost every couple experiences the occasional tiff. But for these couples, there will be no kissing and making up after their lover's spats resulted in actual casualties.

A man from Sibu, Sarawak collapsed and died after running after his girlfriend on Aug 16, reported Borneo Post.

According to eyewitnesses, Yung Fei Kung, 35, and his girlfriend, 27, had been arguing near Sibu Central Market at 8am.

Following a heated quarrel, the woman, who is unnamed, took off running while Yung pursued.

The couple ran to Jalan Mission before stopping as they were exhausted. Yung then lay down on a flight of stairs to rest, said See Hua Daily News.

At this point, both Yung and his girlfriend were barefooted as their slippers had fallen off during the chase.

Thinking that he was just tired, Yung's girlfriend left to retrieve their slippers.

A passerby called the police after realising something was wrong. However, it was too late to save Yung and paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene.

Returning to Jalan Mission at 9am, Yung's girlfriend was inconsolable when she found out that he had died.

District police chief Stanley Jonathan Ringgit told reporters that Yung could have died of a heart attack.

In another recent incident that was decidedly more morbid, a woman in Henan, China stabbed her boyfriend to death after he called her fat, reported ETtoday.

The couple were shopping on Aug 14 when the woman, known only as Wang, told her boyfriend that she wanted to have ice-cream to cool off from the heat.

The man, known only as Zhang, had allegedly replied in chinese, "You're already so fat and you still want to eat ice-cream?"

Following Zhang's comment, Wang bought a pair of scissors from a nearby shop and stabbed him four times.

Zhang was sent to the hospital for medical treatment but eventually died from his injuries.

The couple had reportedly only been dating for 20 days.

Local police have arrested Wang and are investigating the incident.