Man in Taiwan cuts up wife's expensive bra after oil seeps out from it

PHOTO: Facebook/Complain Community

A man recently had the shock of his life when oil burst out of his wife's bra after he accidentally sat on it. 

The man, who lives in Taiwan, took to the members-only Facebook group Complain Community to post photos of his find. 

Suspicious of the liquid seeping out from the bra, he proceeded to cut up the underwear. 

It led him to find an oil filled pad that was sewn into the cup of the bra. 

Photo: Facebook

Worried that the oil may be flammable and could cause burns to his wife, he cut up three other similar looking bras and found that they were also lined with the same padding. 

Photo: Facebook

In his Facebook post, he criticised bra manufacturers for endangering women by sewing in oil pads, and said that he will warn his wife not to buy such bras again.  

Though the man has good intentions, it seems like it's his first time coming across push-up bras, which are usually padded with gel or water-filled inserts. 

Several Facebook users took to the comment section to chide him for ruining his wife's bras without her knowledge, and others pointed out that the bra he had destroyed was really expensive and had a NT$4,980 (S$218) price tag at a department store. 

While most gel inserts are usually filled with gel or a mixture of water and oil, palm oil is sometimes used as an alternative. 

In 2016, lingerie maker Victoria Secret came under fire after users reported that oil was leaking out from their push-up bras