Man throws wife from 4th floor of Taoyuan airport after argument

PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs

It's common for couples to have the occasional squabble, but a quarrel between a 32-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife landed both of them in hospital.

In the early hours of Monday (March 18) morning, a Chinese-American man surnamed Wan, had a heated argument with his spouse, surnamed Chang, at Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport.

When they reached a stairway on the fourth floor, he scooped her up and tossed her over the guardrails.

During the 15-metre fall, Chang hit a side wall before she was caught by a safety net, Taiwanese media reported.

Shortly after she fell, Wan leapt over the guardrails and landed right on top of her.

Chang lost consciousness from head injuries while her husband sustained fractured ribs.

The bloodied pair were later freed from the safety net by airport security staff, and taken to Min-Sheng General Hospital for treatment.

According to Taiwanese police, the incident took place at the departure hall of Terminal 2.

The couple, who had flown to Taiwan to visit Chang's family for Chinese New Year, had an argument over domestic affairs.

When the incident happened, Chang was trying to stop her husband from returning to the United States where they are based.

On Tuesday, Apple Daily Taiwan reported that Chang has regained consciousness and her vital signs are stable. She has been transferred to another hospital for further treatment.

Wan, who has since discharged from hospital, is now under investigation for attempted homicide.

When reporters asked why he threw his wife off the stairway, the agitated man said: "I have died today; I don't have a tomorrow."

He also refused to cooperate with Taiwanese police, and said repeatedly: "I'm an American citizen -- Trump, please save me."