Mind your step, woman warns after tourist's shoe gets stuck in travelator at Bangkok airport

Mind your step, woman warns after tourist's shoe gets stuck in travelator at Bangkok airport
A travelator at Suvarnabhumi Airport came to a stop after a tourist's shoe got caught.
PHOTO: TikTok/namfon.phiroonphon

It was a close call for one tourist in Thailand when his footwear got stuck in a travelator at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Thankfully, he escaped unharmed from the incident, an eyewitness said.

The woman took to social media afterwards to share what had happened on Monday (Sept 11) afternoon.

In the short clip, a male tourist can be seen standing with one shoe caught at the end of the travelator belt while a female tourist tugged his leg out and attempted to free the stuck shoe.


The woman was walking behind the tourist when the travelator jolted and suddenly stopped, causing her to almost fall, Thai news publication Sanook reported.

She initially thought his shoelace had gotten caught at the end of the travelator, but later realised that it was the sole of his shoe that had gotten stuck, the woman said, urging all travellers to be mindful when exiting the travelators.

Woman's leg amputated in travelator accident

On June 29, a 57-year-old woman's lower leg was amputated after it got caught in a travelator at Bangkok's Don Mueang International Airport.

She had fallen after being hit by a suitcase when she was riding the travelator, reported The Nation.

Her leg got stuck on the edge of the travelator belt after she fell, and she was in agony while struggling to free her leg.

Investigations revealed that the woman's left leg had fallen through a plate that was held together by worn-out screws, and the limb was sucked into the gear's end of the travelator.

In July, the woman's son said that she was learning to walk again after the accident, but expressed worry over her mental state.

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