No joke: Fluffy doggo delivers 'food' and smiles during Covid-19 pandemic

No joke: Fluffy doggo delivers 'food' and smiles during Covid-19 pandemic
PHOTO: Facebook/geniusnomtuay

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When's the delivery man — oh wait, doggo — coming?

A fluffy pooch in Thailand has stolen the hearts of netizens ever since he made an appearance on Facebook on July 12.

Wearing itty-bitty uniforms of Grab, Foodpanda and Kerry Express, the Pomeranian looked all ready to deliver food to hungry customers.


"During the pandemic, besides being a dog, I have to help mummy make some extra money," the post read. What a good boy.

And when he doesn't need to deliver food (and smiles), the doggo likes to hop on the motorbike for a ride.


A mask for the foodie

We all can't leave the house without putting on a mask nowadays, and some people have come up with hacks to make wearing them just a little more comfortable.

Glasses fogging up? There's a perfect mask for that.


A Japanese man has shared his latest creation on Twitter — a ramen face mask that recreates the experience of slurping up piping hot noodles.

Topped with bamboo shoots, chashu, and scallions, we'd bet heads will turn and stomachs will growl when one's out on the streets wearing this. 

Gatecrashing elephant a durian fan

No one can resist durians, it seems, not even elephants.

A wild elephant recently crashed into a store selling produce in Hua Hin, Thailand, after smelling the pungent fruit.

The bull elephant, estimated to be between 15 and 20 years old, knocked down the iron gate with his tusks on July 7 afternoon and helped himself to some durians.

Guess what? 

The elephant attempted a second heist that same night, and wolfed down more than 10 durians in total.

Despite having to pay 12,000 baht (S$527) to replace the gate, the owner said that people in the area have learnt to share the living space with wild animals.

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