No joke: Monkey in Thailand 'catnaps' kitten, tries to feed it banana

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No one can resist a kitten's charms, not even a monkey, it seems.

Facebook users in Thailand have been tickled by video clips of a monkey carrying a stray cat around rooftops over the weekend.

Like any good 'pet owner', the primate tried to share a banana with the feline. Kitty, however, did not take a bite and continued to meow in hunger.

When local rescue workers arrived the next day, there was no sign of either animal. Bummer.


Walk straight or turn right? 

Guests were left baffled after not one but three signages directing people to Ain's wedding appeared on a lamp post on Aug 31.

"Which guy is Ain marrying?" Twitter user Asraf Iskandar mused as he posted the photo.

As common as some names may be, what are the odds of three brides named Ain all getting hitched on the same day? 

Fortunately, the grooms don't share the same name, but we hope the guests know who they are.


PHOTO: Sanrio Entertainment

She's the epitome of all things kawaii in Japan, but can Hello Kitty pull off scary?

Kitty White, the girl who's not a cat, tried to terrify people in a poster for Sanrio's upcoming Halloween celebrations at Tokyo theme park Puroland. 

Instead of sending chills down our spines like the evil clown in It Chapter Two, the famous feline has fans squealing 'Hi Kitty!' 

Pretend all you want, but you can't fool us, Kitty.