No joke: Taiwanese math teacher gives hardcore calculus lessons on Pornhub

No joke: Taiwanese math teacher gives hardcore calculus lessons on Pornhub
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube

Dressed nondescriptly in a plain t-shirt, a bespectacled man scribbling complicated formulas on a chalkboard in Mandarin is the last thing you would associate an adult entertainment website with. 

But with more than 1.6 million video views, a math teacher in Taiwan is an unlikely celebrity on Pornhub — proving that smart is the new sexy. 

Despite his recent claim to fame, the teacher, whose name is Chang Hsu, told reporters from Taiwanese news outlet SET News on Tuesday (Oct 26) that sharing his calculus lessons on the adult video-sharing website was solely a marketing strategy to promote his paid online courses on his website.

Not that he is complaining. Since uploading his videos on Pornhub in May 2020, the 34-year-old, who has more than 10 years in the tutoring industry, claims to have racked in NT$7.5 million (S$363,000) a year from his online courses.


While describing his recent windfall, he said: "I occasionally watch adult videos. And of course the students will too.

"Many students who need a teacher — who can teach math — know me through Pornhub, and some of them buy my course."

The teacher's wholesome content on Pornhub is a welcome addition to a website that had come under fire for promoting child abuse and rape-related videos

And based on the comments that netizens left on his videos on his YouTube channel, it is clear that they appreciate his dedication to going the extra mile to make learning fun and accessible.

On the banner of his Pornhub channel, it says: "Play hard, study hard."

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