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No joke: Motorcycle babe in Japan stuns fans after taking off helmet

No joke: Motorcycle babe in Japan stuns fans after taking off helmet
PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

A beautiful young woman with a passion for motorcycles may be just every biker's dream.

But many following Japanese motorcycle babe Azusagakuyuki on Twitter were shocked to learn that 'she' is actually a 'he' — and a 50-year-old at that.

The ruse was uncovered after some eagle-eyed fans spotted something unusual in one of the photos on the Twitter account — the rearview mirror of a motorcycle showed a middle-aged man taking the snapshot.

Japanese media recently tracked down the motorcyclist, and boy, were fans surprised after he took off his helmet.

Realising that people wouldn't be interested in a middle-aged man on a motorcycle, he admitted to using FaceApp to make his photos more attractive.

Well, at least those lovely golden locks are real.

150 Taiwanese youths change names to 'Salmon' for free sushi

How far would you go to get free food?

For some sushi fans in Taiwan, they don't mind changing their names to 'Salmon' to get an all-you-can-eat meal from a restaurant.

About 150 were said to have taken part in a promotion that's held from March 17 to 18.

The youths also got creative with their new names — Explosive Good Looking Salmon, Meteor Salmon King, and Salmon Fried Rice — among others.

And that's enough for the authorities to plead with them to stop changing their names.

While Taiwan allows people to officially change their names three times, "this kind of name-change not only wastes time but causes unnecessary paperwork," said deputy interior minister Chen Tsung-yen.

Man in Johor Bahru pays RM12, gets whole cinema theatre to himself

It's not every day that you get VIP treatment.

A man in Malaysia recently had the cinema theatre all to himself when he went to watch The Writer's Odyssey.

Facebook user Lee Meng Fei shared that Womei Cineplex's staff arranged for a special screening slot for him after Lee arrived at 11am on March 14, and learnt that the next scheduled timing was at 3pm.

The timing that Lee had missed, 10am, did not have anyone watching, the staff explained.

It's the first time he had experienced this in over 20 years of watching movies, Lee said as he commended the cineplex staff's stellar service.

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