No joke: Woman washes car with water hose dangling from 10th floor of Serangoon block

PHOTO: Stomp

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No water? No problem.

A woman dangled a really long water hose from the 10th floor of an HDB block in Serangoon North Ave 4 to the ground floor just to wash her car.

And it's not the first time she has done so, a neighbour who took the photos told Stomp today (Sept 18). As strange as this may look, he said he's more worried about the water hose falling on passers-by.

"It is really a waste of water," the resident lamented.

Such an irresponsible way of car washing is not allowed, the Ang Mo Kio Town Council warned.

Man in UK uses live python as face mask on bus

Wait, is that an animal print face covering or... a live python?

A woman on board a bus in England on Sept 14 was stunned by a fellow passenger's choice of mask.

She had thought it was a funky mask until she saw the reptile slithering over the hand rails. In a video filmed by another passenger, a large snake was seen coiled around his neck, partially covering his face. But no one else batted an eyelid at the peculiar sight, she told BBC.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, commuters are required to use a face covering on public transport in England. Official guidelines say that the face covering need not be a surgical mask, and that a scarf or bandana is considered suitable.

Using a snake, however, is a big no-no.

Man left behind in Japan airport after refusing to wear mask

Another day, another passenger kicked off a flight in Japan for not complying with coronavirus regulations.

A man was left behind at an airport in Hokkaido on Sept 12 after he refused the cabin crew's requests for him to wear a face mask. He also didn't explain why he did not want to put one on. The plane took off without him 30 minutes later.

He later revealed the reason for his refusal to wear a mask — doing so caused him to develop a rash previously.

Meanwhile, carrier Hokkaido Air System clarified that the passenger was removed because of his disruptive behaviour on the plane.

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