No sex in my tuk-tuk, Bangkok driver clarifies after raunchy video goes viral

No sex in my tuk-tuk, Bangkok driver clarifies after raunchy video goes viral

Were they or weren't they? Either way, a couple caught engaging in some hanky-panky in the backseat of a tuk-tuk has Thai netizens all riled up. 

Videos of the amorous couple set Thai social media abuzz on Friday (Dec 13), prompting the tuk-tuk driver to come forward and clarify that the pair were "just being playful", said media reports.

The clips, which were shared by Facebook user Khun-Khachen, showed a group of five passengers on an auto-rickshaw, zooming down a busy street in Bangkok.

One woman was sitting on a man's lap with her skirt hitched up. The pair appeared to be having sex, unperturbed by the bumpy ride and the fact that they were on a public road. In one clip, a man can be heard saying in Thai: "No underwear?"

The clips, which have since been deleted, reportedly garnered over 200,000 views and a barrage of angry comments condemning the couple's actions.

But the tuk-tuk driver, Puridet Kaewmuang, 19, has insisted that the couple was not copulating in his vehicle.

Kaewmuang, who visited a police station on Friday evening to clarify the situation, told reporters that the passengers in the video were tourists from Japan and they were drunk at the time.

He had picked the group up from Patpong and was ferrying them to a hotel in Charoen Nakhon.

Along the way, he saw the couple "doing something" but they were not having sex, he said.

He added that the woman in question had shorts on and was simply "moaning and crying out" playfully.

"I had nothing to do with what the passengers did but they were not performing sex acts. I kept watching them from the rear-view mirror along the way," Kaewmuang said.

A police spokesperson confirmed to reporters that they had also interviewed the person who had filmed the clip, who corroborated Kaewmuang's claim that the couple had not been having sex.

The police will have to speak to the tourists in question before deciding whether or not to prosecute them, the spokesperson said.

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