Real-life Transformers? 6 bulldozers from rival firms fight on China street

Transformers, go!

In a case of life mimicking terrible movies, two competing construction companies recently brought out their bulldozers to fight each other on a street in Xingtang county in Hebei, China.

According to Shanghaiist, the street brawl occurred due to a conflict between two construction companies, although the source of the dispute is still unclear.

Brief video footage taken by a witness shows two bulldozers attacking each other in a duel that die-hard Transformers fans can only dream of.

After one of the bulldozers manges to overpower and topple its competition, backup for the fallen bulldozer arrives in the form of three more bulldozers.

One of the bulldozers helps to right the fallen bulldozer while the other two bulldozers jumped into the fray.

It is unclear how the fight was resolved, or if it was even resolved at all.

Reports on Chinese media suggested that the rivalry could have been caused by high competition, and a slowing construction sector in China.