Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy Takes Hard-Earned Decision Against Samy Sana

Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy Takes Hard-Earned Decision Against Samy Sana
PHOTO: Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy Takes Hard-Earned Decision Against Samy Sana

Thailand’s Sorgraw Petchyindee Academy met Frenchman Samy “AK47” Sana in a fiercely contested ONE Super Series kickboxing bout that went the distance, with both men asserting their right to victory when the final bell sounded.

The two warriors battled well to the end, but to Sana’s dismay, it was his Thai opponent who got the nod after three rounds of action at ONE: SPIRIT OF A WARRIOR on Friday, 29 June,

Their game plans were clear from the very beginning in Yangon, Myanmar as the Parisian marched forward, and his Bangkok-based adversary sought to counter off the back foot.

Sana could not quite find his mark, as Sorgraw expertly evaded his punches with good head movement, and then countered with kicks and straight punches when the Frenchman closed the distance.

The ONE debutants landed hard kicks to start round two, and from then on it was more of the same, as “AK47” continued his charge, taking aim with hard overhand rights. Sorgraw’s defence needed to be on point, and it was as he made Sana hit thin air several times, before firing back with counter strikes.

Some showmanship then came into play from both athletes as Sana becoming frustrated at having to chase his man down.

In the third, the Phenix Muay Thai Paris man got the breakthrough he wanted after catching Sorgraw’s kick and flooring him with a beautiful counter right hand. The Thai took a count from the referee, but quickly regained his wits and was immediately back to his feet.

For the first time in the bout, Sorgraw got on the front foot to try and claw back the round, landing solid punch combinations as the time ticked away.

Following a long deliberation, Sorgraw was announced as the winner via unanimous decision. He was clearly elated after the third round knockdown could have taken it out of his grasp.

Sana showed glimpses of excellence, but his best moments were not enough to stop him from falling just short in his first ONE Super Series appearance.