Thai dad leaves kids in car, returns to find woman ransacking it

Imagine stepping away from your car for a few minutes and returning to find a complete stranger in the driver's seat. 

That was exactly what happened to Ampon Kansuwan, a man from Bangkok, Thailand.

He found a woman digging through the contents of his car after he left his vehicle unlocked on Sunday (Jan 26), reported Sanook. 

Kansuwan recounted the incident in a post on Facebook, hoping to warn other drivers of the potential danger. 

Hopping out to grab something from a supermarket, Kansuwan left his three kids behind in his car that evening. 

When he got back, he wasn't expecting to see a stranger occupying the driver's seat.

In a clip that Kansuwan recorded, a woman was seen holding onto a bag of snacks in one hand while rummaging through the dashboard with the other.

Despite being caught red-handed, she got out of the car nonchalantly and even loitered around the car. When asked why she had entered his car, the woman turned around and walked away.

The entire episode left Kansuwan dumbfounded.

His kids thought the woman was a friend of his and told him she had spent a good amount of time in the car. Fortunately, none of the children was harmed and nothing was pilfered.

Kansuwan has since reported the case to a police station in Bangkok Noi.

His post has since gone viral, chalking up 10,000 shares at the time of writing. Following his post, other netizens stepped forward to help identify the woman, with some claiming that she had attempted to kidnap children in the past.

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Posted by Narumon Supjinda on Sunday, January 26, 2020

In a follow-up comment, Kansuwan wrote that the woman was from Laos and she had been sent to Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry for examination.