Woman in India decapitated after headphones suspected to have been entangled with lift door

Like a scene from a Final Destination movie, a 48 year-old woman was found dead on Monday (May 27) after she was beheaded by an elevator at her workplace.

The lady, identified as Sushila Vishwakarma, was reporting for work at a plastic manufacturing factory in Vadodara, India when she got decapitated by the factory's lift door, reported The Indian Express.

Her body was found on the fourth floor while her head was found on the ground floor.

While it was not clear what caused the fatal accident, officials said one possibility could be that her headphones had gotten entangled in the collapsible grills of the elevator door.

A pair of headphones was on Vishwakarma's head when they found her, the report added.

Police also suspected that the 48 year-old could have absent-mindedly looked out when the lift door was closing, trapping her when the lift started moving upwards. 

In a statement to the Indian Express, Police inspector TR Bamaniya said that they have sent the body for a post-mortem and are, "investigating the possibilities of how her head got stuck". They are also factoring in the possibility of the lift being faulty. 

The case has been classified as an accidental death.