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Singapore homeowners embrace the jungalow trend

Singapore homeowners embrace the jungalow trend

It's official: plant ladies are the new cat ladies. Flick through the decor tags on Pinterest or Instagram and you'll be sure to find homes with one common denominator - plants.

From giant monstera leaves to tiny succulents and draping ferns, it seems that houseplants are the newest obsession for city-dwellers.



Even if you lack a balcony, garden or a green thumb, you can still dress your home with beautiful and thriving greenery.

There is a name for this trend of filling a home with indoor plants: jungalow. A portmanteau of "jungle" and "bungalow", this lush interior decor trend is a great way to breathe life into empty spaces and corners.

Here are four handy tips from local gardening experts to get you started:

"Equip yourself with some basic knowledge such as which plants like to bask in direct sunlight and which ones prefer to stay in the shade," says Evelyn Chow, showroom manager of Tumbleweed Plants.

"If you travel a lot, it is better to get low-maintenance plants that do not require much watering," says Darren Neo, founder of Noah Garden Centre.


Opt for airplants like tillandsia that don't require soil and can maximise space by being hung from the ceiling, says Mr Kevin Chong, founder of Pick A Plant.

"Airplants are cleaner to maintain as there is no need for soil or a potting medium. You don't have to worry about dirty water draining from the soil," he says.

"Plenty of trial and error, learning and curiosity will help to keep your plants alive and lush," says Charles.

Check out how three Singapore homeowners embraced the jungalow trend:


This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly

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