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Bakery staff in China refuses to refund woman's mouldy bread, eats it instead

Bakery staff in China refuses to refund woman's mouldy bread, eats it instead
A bakery staff refused to refund a customer and ate the mouldy bread instead.
PHOTO: Weibo

In defiance of an angry customer who demanded him to either refund her or eat the mouldy bread, a bakery staff in China decided that he would rather do the latter.

The woman had purchased a loaf of bread from a bakery in Heyuan, Guangdong province last Saturday (Sept 2). She then fed several slices of bread to her children that night.

However, she was taken aback to find that the bread had become mouldy the next day and returned to the bakery, challenging the staff to either eat the mouldy bread or refund her, local media reported.

Seemingly unaffected by the woman's demands, the staff unexpectedly conceded, taking several large bites from a piece of the mouldy bread and loudly retorting that he had "eaten it all".

The stunned woman eventually left without a refund.

The bakery later responded that their freshly baked bread has no added preservatives and has a shelf life of two to three days.

"Other breads from the same batch have no problem," the bakery said, and suggested that the woman's bread might have become mouldy due to improper storage.

Netizens had mixed reactions, questioning if there was a need for the staff to consume the mouldy bread.

However, several came to the defence of the bakery, agreeing that the bread had spoiled because of improper storage.

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